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Less Than 100000 Alexa Rank In 2 Months - How Did We Do It?

We are proud to say that this Tech Blog has crossed the 100K Alexa Rank Barrier in just under two months, from a starting Alexa Ranking of 30 Million, in an online world that has over 50 Million Websites.It is a nice thing to know that Alexa has ranked us in the top 100K in such as short amount of time.So you guys probably want to know what our secret to success was and how we reduced our Alexa Rank to below 100K in just a couple of months.

Here are some of the things we did to reduce our Alexa Rank to what it is today -

Regular Blogging - 2 or 3 Posts a Day

We have multiple authors and a lot of guest bloggers and hence it is not very difficult to produce 2 or 3 quality articles each day about the topics in our niche.Regular Blogging is very important as it brings more and more visitors to your site each day, hence increasing the chance of getting a better Alexa Rank.Blogging often creates a pattern that your readers get used to, people like pattern and they will visit your site more often if it is regularly updated and well written.

The articles or blog posts that you write need to be really good, they just cannot be copied or written in haste as this would surely not get you any traffic.Why would Google rate you high in search rankings if your content is same as the ones that are already out there?Why would people come to your blog and read what you have to say unless it is good and unique?

Blog Commenting

We regularly comment on many Tech Blog and Blogging Blogs which means we are putting our links out there, and if you have enough links out there in popular blogs, you get a decent amount of traffic.People who visit Tech and Blogging blogs usually have the Alexa Tool Bar on,( if you don't you can get it here - Alexa Tool Bar) which means that you are targeting those people who have Alexa Toolbar installed.When these people start visiting your blog or website regularly, your Alexa Rank is bound to increase quickly.

The comments that pull traffic are not the ones that say - "Great Info, Thanks" or "Awesome Post", they are the ones that give a good feedback about the article or give suggestions and add-ons to the article.So make sure that you comment with some sense.

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It goes without saying that a blog that gets more traffic and page views, gets a better Alexa Rank.So Search Engine Optimization becomes very vital when you are looking to Increase your Alexa Rank, thankfully we have a great list of SEO articles that can help you increase your Alexa Rank -

SEO Tips For Beginers
Common SEO Mistakes
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Niche - Very Important

If you have a Niche such as Tech, Blogging, SEO, Web Desing, you will have a higher chance of getting a better Alexa Rank, as people who visit these blogs usually have Alexa Tool Bar installed, for people with niche other than these, it may be hard to get a good Alexa Rank even if your traffic is high since the targeted traffic does not have the Alexa Tool Bar installed.

If you are new to Blogging and want to start a Blog or a website, we recommend you choose these niche if you are passionate about them.Here are some articles that are helpful to new Bloggers -

Blog Name Generator
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It goes without saying that you too should install an Alexa Tool Bar as you would probably visit your own site 10 to 15 times a day, this can add a small amount to making your Alexa Rank better.

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