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How Will Mobile Evolve in 2012

Future Of Mobile In 2012
The mobile market is one of the best places to look if you want to see cutting-edge technologies put into play before they hit any other type of device. Smart-phones have become the proving ground for components that go on to shape IT well into the future. So, what evolution can you expect to see in 2012 and how are such developments going to play out?

HD Screens and Quad Core Processors

Google's Android operating system has been harnessed by manufacturers looking to push the boundaries of what is possible on a mobile platform and it seems that many companies are in an arms race of sorts to introduce the very best technology they can to run subsequent iterations of the software.

In 2012 the emergence of quad-core processors and true high-definition displays once again raised expectations among global users, many of whom now expect major technological developments to be released every year or so.

The HTC One X was first out of the blocks with the quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, which has been clocked at a reasonably fast 1.5GHz. The device also features a 4.7 inch 1280x720 touchscreen display. This was closely followed by the Samsung Galaxy S3, packing an Exynos quad-core chip running at 1.4GHz and introducing a larger 4.8 inch screen to the mix, echoing the resolution of the One X.

This power and on-screen real estate mean that far more complicated procedures can be carried out on smartphones. Apps are becoming more powerful, while faster connectivity and more graphically engaging content are at the fingertips of users.

Anticipating the iPhone 5

Apple has been distancing itself from the actions of its Android-based rivals, because although it has always updated the iPhone's hardware every year, it has left the dimensions of the display identical since 2007.
Last year's iPhone 4S was criticised by some because its 3.5 inch Retina Display was looking rather small compared to its rivals, but the arrival of the iPhone 5, which most expect to launch in the autumn, will hopefully change this.

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There have been conflicting rumours surrounding the precise screen size that can be expected from the sixth iPhone, although many agree that it will be around the four inch mark. This will still be a sight smaller than those models offered by HTC and Samsung, but it will allow Apple to keep pace without making its flagship handset unwieldy.

Observers will be keen to see whether or not Apple takes a leaf out of its rivals' book in terms of processing power by choosing a quad-core chip for the iPhone 5. Evidence suggests that it will remain a dual-core handset, following the lead of the third iPad in this respect, although anything is possible and Apple is remaining understandably tight lipped on this topic.

BlackBerry Rebirth

While the iPhone and Android handsets will be duking it out for the foreseeable future, the real battle is being waged by Canadian manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM), as it is actively having to fight for its survival.
The popularity of its BlackBerry smartphones has taken a nosedive in recent years, but RIM is looking to modernise its image by launching a fresh new range with the BB 10 operating system.

While details about the actual handsets that will sport this are scant, it is known that the new software will be based on the QNX platform found on-board the BlackBerry Playbook tablets.

This bodes well for the revived BlackBerry smartphones, since the software has been proven to handle with ease things like multitasking, as well as offering compatibility with Android applications to give it that initial boost that will be necessary to get it off the ground following its launch.

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