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How to Move E-Mail from G-Mail to Yahoo?

G-Mail, over the years has turned out to be the biggest E-Mail service provider, with features and integration tools to make any other E-Mail service look like a "just a waste of time".But Yahoo! Mail may be the only other E-Mail service provider with some foothold in the market, due to integration services such as Yahoo! Answers etc.If you would wish to move your E-Mail from Gmail to Yahoo!, you will be interested to read the following -


Yahoo! Mail uses a feature called TrueSwitch, with the help of which you can move your entire inbox from G-Mail or Hotmail accounts to your Yahoo! Mail account.

A good feature isn't it? Especially if you love to use a single E-mail for many functions (and love Yahoo!).TrueSwitch is not only limited to shifting inboxes from G-Mail, Hotmail to Yahoo, but also shifting the inbox of one Yahoo! Mail address to another Yahoo! Mail address, a very useful tool indeed.

Yahoo! Mail seems to have played a good card, by not allowing the reverse of this action to take place, that is to move your Yahoo! Mail Inbox to a G-Mail address, well it is not different from what Google is doing with the integration of only G-Mail accounts with popular services such as YouTube, Blogger etc.

TrueSwitch is free feature, so you do not need to worry about the cost of moving your inbox to a new address.

Like many of Yahoo! features, TrueSwitch is not a part of Yahoo!, it is a third party developed feature, that Yahoo! has adopted as a partner.
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