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How To Have Multiple Authors On Blogger Blogs 2012

You might have previously thought that WordPress was the only blogging platform that had multiple author features, but you should know that even Blogger has an option of having multiple authors.The multiple author option in Blogger is very useful if you have many authors contributing to your blog or if you wish to form a group blog on Blogger platform.We will show you the easy way of making a multiple author blog on Blogger.

How To Have Multiple Authors On Blogger Blogs?

Step 1) Visit the settings section of your Blogger Blog -

Multiple Authors On Blogger Blogs Settings

Step 2) Scroll down to see the "Permissions" section and under that "Blog Authors" -

Multiple Authors On Blogger Blogs
Step 3) Use the "Add Authors" option to add new authors by e-mail, once you have done this an email will be sent to the person and they have to accept it.

You can choose whether a person is an author or an admin in Blogger, if you pick a person as an author, they will only be able to post and edit their own posts, they will not be able to see any stats or any comments etc.

If you choose a person as Admin, then they will have all the powers that you have and can even remove you from the blog if they choose to, so be careful about who you make admin on your blog.

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