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NigaHiga (Ryan) Height Weight And Ethnicity

NigaHigaNigaHiga or Ryan Higa is the most famous YouTube celebrity, video blogger and internet entrepreneur.He started the whole "Asian" craze on YouTube, which has now facilitated the growth of over 30 or 40 Asian YouTube stars.NigaHiga started to make videos about his life, some comedy sketches and depictions of funny situations as a way to pass time and have fun, but now he earns over a million dollars each year from YouTube videos.He has surely found a way to make money online.

NigaHiga has been involved in many different controversies, including his mouthing of famous songs, usage of copyrighted material and also for his comic depictions of famous celebrities (See heights of famous celebs).He is also famous for the fact that he is the first person to reach 5 million subscribers on YouTube.He primarily makes money from adsense ads displayed on YouTube videos.

So let us get to the height, weight and ethnicity of NigaHiga

How Tall Is NigaHiga?

NigaHiga, being of Asian origin is naturally a short man.He is 5 feet 7 inches tall barefoot.Which is a pretty average height for a person of Asian origin.

What Is NigaHiga's Weight?

NigaHiga is a approximately 150 pounds in weight, which is very less compared to Ray William Johnson's Weight.NigaHiga is believed to be properly proportioned when it comes to his height and weight.

NigaHiga's Ethnicity

NigaHiga is of Asian origin, but he was born and brought up in Hawaii, an American territory.So he basically an American with Asian origin.

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