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General Guidelines for Selling Stock Photos

Nowadays, anyone who has a passion for photography can make money selling stock photographs. The following are some tips for success in stock photography

1. Understand the process
Microstock companies such as 
Depositphotos, Jupiter Images, Fotolia and iStock Photo sell inexpensive stock images, videos, animations and illustrations submitted by various amateur and professional artists. However, the membership and technical requirements vary from one company to another. Once you have signed up on any of these sites, you can then begin uploading your photos. The photos which are accepted will be included in the site’s stock inventory. If someone buys your photo, you are paid a commission.  

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Many people have the misconception that selling stock photos is a way of making easy money. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to create a significant portfolio of photos before you achieve any meaningful profits. In addition, payment systems vary from one company to another. Usually, it is either a low flat fee or a commission anytime your images are bought. You have the liberty to submit your photos to different agencies. If your work sells well, an agency might offer you an exclusive contract, meaning that you can only sell your images through that site. 

2. Submit designer-friendly images
Take time to think about where your photo could eventually end up. It might be a marketing brochure, a website, a restaurant or a print publication. In many cases, your images will not be used as they appear. Buyers are likely to crop, manipulate or dissect images acquired from microstock agencies. You should therefore make sure your images are something which can be worked on by a designer

Usually, designers look for photos which have lots of space which can be used to add text. You need to make sure that each of your photos has a minimal number of elements. Unless they are an important part of the image, things such as passers-by and vehicles should not appear in the background.  

However, you need to remember that microstock buyers are not necessarily seeking fine art. The fact that an image is beautiful does not mean that it will sell well. Go for simple, utilitarian photos which are focused on a specific theme.     

3. Do your homework
Find out what subjects the microstok company is interested in, what their technical requirements are, and what kind of images sell best. Since they receive numerous submissions on a regular basis, agencies are usually very selective about the images they accept. One of the best places to begin is the FAQ section. 

However, since requirements are always changing, you might not get all the information there. To stay abreast of trends, observe the moods and styles of the current popular images. Regularly add relevant and fresh images to your portfolio so as to ensure a constant flow of income.

4. Take care of legal issues

Regardless of its quality, an image which is not 100 percent legal won’t be accepted by any agency. Make sure you sign model releases if there are people appearing in your photos. This applies to professional models, as well as your family and friends. In addition, you need to scan your photos for any trademark violations. You are not allowed to have trademarked symbols, logos, sculptures or paintings in your photo’s background. Easily recognizable landmarks and products should also be eliminated or avoided. If the problem is minor, it can be easily dealt with using Photoshop. 

5. Learn to overcome rejection
When starting out, it is highly likely that very few of you photos will be accepted. This should not discourage you into giving up. Instead, find out what you need to improve in your images. Some agencies will immediately explain the reasons why your photo was not accepted. If they don’t, take the initiative to ask for feedback. 

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