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Find the Perfect Laptop for Your Gamer College-To-Be Kid

Find the Perfect Laptop for Your Gamer College-To-Be Kid
Congratulations, dear parent! Your son has finally finished high school! And if you’re the right kind of parent, you’ll be turning in your sleep right now thinking about your child’s misty future. But fear not, for aside from student loans getting through college is never too impossible when you’re equipped with a good laptop.
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Yes, not a new wristwatch, not a new pair of Nike sneakers, not even the new video game he’s been asking about for weeks. A laptop is the best gift you could ever give your kid on his high school graduation because of two reasons-First, a new laptop will help him find a job (because 86 percent of people all over the world looking for employment prefer using the Internet, specifically social networking sites) after graduating so he’ll be able to lift his fat gaming ass out of the house (specifically in front of the PC, playing Diablo III) and into something productive. Second, a new laptop will help and inspire him to study well in college. If you don’t have a budget for a new laptop, sell your electronics for cash and check out these laptops that are perfect as graduation gifts for your son or daughter who’s been drawing and playing Atari since age the of 3.Gamer LaptopFor the Gamer Geek Son/Daughter of the Cheapskate
If your son or daughter had asked you for a PlayStation as a kid, then he or she may have been showing signs of becoming a future game developer or tester (yes, old Dad, there are jobs in the gaming industry). If your son is looking to become a future game and software developer, game designer or graphic artist then a cool-looking and power-punching laptop is exactly what he needs to graduate from college with flying colors. Get him a low cost gaming laptop like MSI GT60 for about $1,600 to power up his dreams. It’s got a fast Ivy Bridge processor and the best (not to mention the latest) NVIDIA graphics that could perfectly run XNA Game Studio for his practice projects. He will also be able to store up his images, game designs, mods and favorite games in this laptop’s Dual 500GB SATA hard disks and 12GB RAM. He’ll also appreciate your ultimate love for him when you sell electronics for cash to spend on his new laptop, what with all the I/O ports and card slots. Also, you’ll be happy to know that it has a one year global warranty, so your son/daughter’s laptop will be covered.

For the Gamer Geek Son/Daughter of the Millionaire
Meanwhile, if you’re the type of parent who got lucky by winning the lottery (or who was born rich), the best graduation gift for your high school gamer kid is the one of the most expensive gaming notebooks out there. Prepare to sell broken electronics for cash because the Alienware M18X costs up to five grand. 
We can just imagine the fallen coffee cup from your hands (thus the sub-header). But getting this laptop for your kid will make you millions when he/she creates the ultimate game of the century and builds his/her own game empire together with his/her friends! So why is it worth $4,566? Because it’s made of anodized aluminum which is more like saying you bought an Iron Man laptop that weighs 12 pounds. It’s got an Intel Overclocked Turbo Boost CPU, an AMD Radeon HD graphics card, dual 750GB SATA hard drives and 16GB of RAM that can be upgraded up to 32GB. Your gamer son/daughter would probably be wetting his/her pants out of joy once you start explaining her the specs of this wonderful laptop.These are just some of the gaming laptops you can give to your college kid and what’s more, the vast array of laptops available right now in the market are also good technologies to start with. Remember, your gamer college kid will always look for a way to play games.

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