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Displaying More Than Three Adsense Ads Per Page

Google Adsense is one of the best "Make Money Online" platforms that allows publishers to earn money for each click on an ad they get.There are rules and policies that one needs to follow to stay in the Google Adsense Program, one of them is that you are not allowed to publish more than three adsense banner ads in a single page.But as you may have noticed, there are several websites which have 5 or 6 Adsense banner ads in each page.I will tell the reason and how they can have 4,5,6 adsense ads in each page.

More Than Three Adsense Ads Per Page

There is a separate class of Adsense Publishers called - Premium Adsense Publishers.These premium publishers are allowed to publish as many ads as they need to in each page, they can even customize the ads to suit their website and revenue needs.

For example, has 4 adsense ads on each page of the website, this is because that website has been chosen to become an Adsense Premium Publisher.

I strongly advise people not to try alternate ways of adding more than 3 adsense banner ads in each page.This will lead to a ban from Google, then you will end up looking for Adsense Alternatives.

The rule for number of ads per page in Google Adsense is -
  • 3 Banner Ads Per Page
  • 3 Link Units Per Page
  • 2 Google Search Boxes
Anymore than this is not allowed. Also Read - Best Adsense Ad Units.

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