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Add Custom Permalink In Blogger Blogs

As we all know Blogger is making a lot of changes to compete with WordPress.Blogger had long been known to be missing a lot of the WordPress SEO tools such as automatic meta tags, custom permalink, SEO plug-ins etc.

Blogger has managed to add the automatic meta tags and the custom permalink option to Blogger blogs, but they are yet to come out with Plug-In capabilities for Blogger, which we think will come out at some point of time.

What is a Permalink?

Permalink is the text you see in the URL of a web page, it is called a permalink as it is a permanent link address of a web page where you can find the web page.

Why Use Custom Permalink?

Custom permalink is useful as it can give a desired look to the link of a web page, it can be named so that it is easily remembered.Apart from this it is also very useful for SEO, a custom permalink with the right keywords can have a great impact on the search rankings of a web page or a blog post.Every successful SEO blog uses custom permalink to ensure that they have the right keywords in the link URL.

What Is The Right Permalink Structure?

We always prefer to use a keyword rich permalink, rather than those with a lot of "the" "how" and "what" kind of words, as you can see for this page we have included the three main keywords of this post in the custom permalink - "custom-permalink-blogger".This is rich in keywords and it has the phrase that most people would probably search for.This is the structure we usually use while creating a custom permalink in blogger.

Blogger Custom Permalink

So how to add custom permalink in Blogger?

Adding a custom permalink to blogger is very easy and can be done through the post settings option to the right of the "New Post" area in the new blogger design.

This option does not show up when you log in to, it shows up only when you log in to

So make use of these Blogger SEO options to improve the SEO of your blogger blog and rank higher on Google search.
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