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Check For Google Panda Penalty On Your Blog

Check Panda Penalty
Google has releases several versions of the Panda Algorithm updates, starting from 2011 and now into 2012.These Algorithm changes have affected many blogs and websites, causing traffic to drop by more than 50% in a short space of time.This is actually a good initiative by Google as it drops the ranking of spam and useless sites that are stuffed with keywords and with little or no valuable information.This creates a need where webmasters and bloggers look to create better and more useful websites, improving the world of internet and increasing the quality of web pages.So what are some of the reasons why you have been affected by the Google Panda update?
  • High bounce rate
  • Low time on site
  • Low site speed (loading time)
  • Small content - Less that 200 words
  • Keyword stuffing - More than 5%
  • Selling links
  • Improper site structure
  • Lots of broken links
  • Bad site navigation
  • Low quality content
  • Too many ads
  • Pop-Up ads
These are just some of the reasons why a website might be affected by the Google Panda update.But how to be sure whether your blog is affected by Google Panda or not? Here are some ways in which you can check whether your blog or website is affected by Google Panda updates -

Google Webmaster Tools Warning

Sometimes Google issues warnings through the Google Webmaster Tools, so if you received any warning from the webmaster tools team then you can be 100% sure that there is something wrong with your website.Learn what to do about your webmaster warning?

Do A Simple Site Search

Do a simple site search in Google to see if all your pages are still indexed or if any of the posts have been removed from the search engine due to the panda update.Just go to Google search and type in "", for example - "".

If you see that the number of pages in Google that has been indexed is approximately equal to the number of posts you have created, then you probably have not been hit by a panda penalty.But if you see a massive difference in the number of posts made by you and the number of posts in the Google search index, then you have probably been hit by the Panda update.

Make sure that you correct your pages that have been de-indexed.Here are some things that you can do to ensure that you correct the de-indexed pages -
  • Make the content more informative and increase the quality
  • Remove unnecessary use of keywords
  • Remove links to bad neighborhoods, or at-least make them a "nofollow" link.
  • Link to relevant inner pages of your blog so that bounce rate reduces.

Check Page Speed

You can use the Google Page Insights tool to check whether your web pages load fast or not.If your web pages are slower than most other sites then you will probably get a penalty as Google does not like slow loading web pages.

Here are some tips to increase page speed -
  • Remove unnecessary Java Scripts
  • Remove unnecessary widgets and tools
  • Do not have too many images on your web pages
  • Do not have too much CSS coding 
So these are some of the ways to Check Google Panda Penalty, if you know of any other methods, then please leave a comment below.We appreciate all your comments.

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