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Best Storage Devices for Digital Photos

Taking photographs can be a profession or a hobby. Whatever your line is, you can greatly benefit from getting storage devices for your photos because there's nothing more frustrating than taking hundreds to thousands of pictures just to lose them if or when your storage gadget gives up on you. With hi-tech and efficient tools, it will be much easier to store digital photos, and you can make limitless copies as well. Here are a few gadgets that you should definitely consider buying.

Portable Back-Up Hard Drives
There are several brands of external hard drives with memories usually from 20GB to 160GB. Apart from utilizing these gadgets to create back-up copies, these are also commonly used to expand the capacity of desktops or laptops. Furthermore, these types of equipment make photo viewing and sharing much easier too. Because these are portable and often compact and lightweight in design, it's so easy to bring with you on client meetings so that you're samples are ready whenever you need to show these.

So, which brands are the best types? Well, check out the following:

1. Seagate 4TB GoFlex Desk
- Supports Windows 7, Vista and XP, as well as the Mac OS version 10.5 or higher
- With USB and adapter cables
- With LED lights that tell how much space is still available
- Other notable Seagate models include: Seagate GoFlex Satellite, Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Ultraportable 1.5TB

 2. ioSafe Portable Hard Drive
- Supports the following platforms: Windows (7, XP, Vista) and Mac 10.4.6 or higher
  - With several storage capacities to choose from, from 256GB to 1TB
- Considered as a "rugged" gadget because it can withstand very hot temperatures
- With preformatted NTFS file system, so it can readily be plugged and used for computers with Windows systems
- Must use Disc Utility for use with Mac systems

3. My Book Studio Edition II
- Supports Windows 7 and Vista, as well as Mac OS version 10.5 or higher
- Storage capabilities are available at 2TB, 4TB, 6TB
- Quite fast and affordable, considering the amount of storage space it offers
- For Mac users, the My Book is preformatted with HFS+ file configuration
- For Windows users, PCs or laptops need to be reformatted using the accompanying Drive Manager software
- This external drive offers huge storage space, so it's a great buy although it may appear rather bulky (approximately about 4X6X6 inches), weighing 5.2 lbs. 1TB is equivalent to roughly 1,000 GB. So, with a minimum of 2TB, this tool definitely provides you with all the storage space you need.

SD or Secure Digital Cards
Aside from external hard drives, pictures can also be stored using other media, like the SD or Secure Digital card. Many varieties are available today, from the older SDSC or Secure Digital Standard-Capacity cards to the more contemporary SDHC or Secure Digital High-Capacity Cards. These are pretty small cards, only millimeters in length, width or height. Providing between 4GB to 32GB of space, these tools are great for storing photos and videos. The capacity you want should meet your needs. Just remember to get a card with bigger space if you shoot in raw mode or if you also need something to store short videos in. To be assured of quality, buy from top notch brands, like Transcend and Kingston.

Author: The contributor of this article, Claire Gardner, has and continues to manage several offsite tape storage facilities. She has served as an operations manager for Vanguards Archives for many years. Her extensive experience in the field of archiving has pushed her to open another business. This time, her business is all about providing online storage facilities.Read our guidelines to be a Guest Author at TechGau.Org
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