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Best Mobile Driving Apps

The plethora of mobile applications available can cause some confusion with a driver or navigator trying to extract the relevant downloads.Try to pick out a few, really useful Apps rather than an encyclopedic collection of ridiculous time-wasting ‘non-information’.

It is illegal to use a mobile phone whilst driving in the UK and in April 2012, the transportation secretary in the US called for a federal law to be passed against the same. After talking to people who have lost loved ones on the road through misuse of mobile phones, I realise that educating road-users in this respect is an absolute priority.  However, it is becoming increasingly necessary to have some form of communication with you in the vehicle should you need roadside assistance.

Best Mobile Driving Apps

Plan Ahead
Planning your road trip is essential if you have time restraints and there are some great aides to this. RAC have introduced 2 Apps, RAC Traffic (free to download) and RAC Traffic+ (.69p). These display the latest traffic information on an interactive map.  The latter offers a step-by-step, best route planner.  They both highlight road-works and any traffic incidents. Google maps with Latitude is the official mapping application for mobiles, offering business listings, directions and maps.  Green Flag Rescue Me picks up on your breakdown location, offers great tips and will send out road tax and MOT reminders, not bad for a free App. Take the AA Eco Drive for a test run; this down-load gives the actual economy of your vehicle rather than what it is advertised at.

We strive to be safe, considerate road-users; however you will always get a driver who is behaving badly.  If you find yourself driving sedately on a newly surfaced road but the idiot in front is using it like a Formula 1 racetrack, it is more than likely you will have to make that call for a cracked windshield repair once you are stationary. Whether you are travelling abroad or locally, perhaps download the! Emergency! Application. This will assist by using your location and giving a stress-free way to contact the local emergency services.  ‘911’ is not a universal number!

Virtual Help
Vurgood Applications introduced iWrecked as a virtual auto accident assistant in 2008 and it remains a popular companion on the highways of the US.  This gem will store all your vehicle insurance and emergency numbers along with an accident log and tow truck/taxi locators. It also has the ability to take photos of the accident scene and present the accident report for your insurers in a PDF format; all sent directly from your phone.

It is good to see that the powers that be are taking a genuine interest in mobile driving apps and at the beginning of 2012 a campaign was launched in County Mayo in Ireland to encourage road users to download iZUP Lite.  This is a free App that blocks texts, social networking sights and e-mails; thus keeping the driver’s attention on the road.  You may argue that a more logical thing to do is to just switch off the phone before your journey.  We are not naturally sensible, are we?  Just customise your auto-response which tells folk you are on the road and will get back to them as soon as you can.

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