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Basic Windows 8 Interface

Basic Windows 8 Interface
Microsoft’s Windows 8 has not been released to the public yet, but it’s been making lots of headlines lately. Many people were amazed at the promotions of Microsoft’s Surface, their very own tablet.

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Of course, Microsoft has made a living with computers, so it’s no surprise that Windows 8 will be released on that platform.

Basic Windows 8 Interface

That being said, should you be excited for Windows 8? Is Windows 8 even worth it at all? With so many computers still running on Windows XP (it’s over a decade old already!), it looks like Windows 8 may have a hard time converting older Windows users.

Selling your laptop for Windows 8 looks like a good idea at this time, because it needs some serious firepower. If your laptop doesn’t have power, you’re just not going to get it to work.
So what does Windows 8 have anyway?

Metro is probably the most advertised feature of Windows 8. If you’ve seen their Windows Phone, you’ll notice that the start page has square tiles where information is displayed and shortcuts to apps are easily accessed. This is called Live Tiles for Windows Phone, and Metro for Windows computers.

As the name implies, Metro is a station where all of your favorite stuff can be pinned for quick access. You can pin a frequently emailed contact for instant messaging, or you can pin certain websites for instant access when you fire up your computer.

You can also pin contacts for easy communicating such as chat or email. Basically, Metro works like widgets for Android. Information is displayed, such as unread emails and weather.

It’s a totally useful interface you’ll really like. Of course, you can switch to the traditional desktop view with a quick click in the corner.

Funny Unlock Screens
These days, unlock screens are being challenged to be more creative. In smartphones, you can jump straight to other apps!

With Windows 8, Microsoft takes a very unique approach to the subject with picture lock.
Picture lock works by choosing a photo of your choice. Once you’re done with that, you are required to make three gestures to unlock the screen. It’s really cool! You can draw a house beside a picture of a tree or do other stuff. You need three gestures to enter.

Of course, you’re also given traditional ways of unlocking your computer. You can enter a password or type in a PIN.

Picture lock though, is definitely one of the coolest things Microsoft has come up with.

Charms is a small menu found on the right that you can bring up when you need something done. For example, if you need to search for a file, you can just bring it up. Charms also gives you access to settings and other system related functions for easy access. It’s like the taskbar of Windows.

These three basic interface features will surely bring out the fun when it comes to using a computer. Microsoft has finally found a balance between practicality and aesthetics when it comes to creating cool software.

When Windows 8 comes out, it’ll be everyone’s favorite.

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