Sunday, 3 June 2012

Avast Android App Download - Free Antivirus for Android Phones

Avast Android App Download
Good news for Android Phone owners as Avast! has come out with a new version of its free Antivirus software, only this time it for Android Phones.The Avast Android App is capable of protecting your android phone from all types of viruses (automatic virus definitions update).The Avast Android App will be the only application you need to protect your Android Phones from virus and malware.The Avast Android App boasts of Privacy reports, Call/SMS filtering, an Application Manager, and several remote options etc, these are some features that some antivirus software which cost you money to use do not have.You can see the list of feature comparison of Avast Android App with other Antivirus software-

Avast Android App Features

The Avast Android App is compatible on all Android Versions above 2.0

You can download the Avast Android App here - Free Antivirus for Android

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