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Audio Blogging - A New Way To Blog

They say that you cannot judge something by just looking at it. How about judging something after listening to it? In this article I'll explore on the “audio” aspect of blogging.

Audio blogging, podcasting – are they the same?

Audio blogging is a form of web content writing intended to inform others, promote some products, etc. It's basically the same with the usual blogs, only that it is in audio format.

Podcasting on the other hand refers to the the concept wherein online audio programs in digital format can be downloaded by the users. This gives the users the privilege of listening to these shows anytime they want.

Audio blogs and podcasts are almost the same because both use recorded voice contents, with RSS feeds for content syndication, and the appeal to content creators because of the vast online audience. But they also have few differences between them.

According to an article in, these differences include nature of content, modes of expression (audio blogs are more personalized while podcasts are more formal), and with the way the author interacts with the audience.

Why use them?
According to an article in, using podcasts is an effective marketing tool because you'll sound authoritative.It will increase advertising potential. For customer queries or questions, your podcast responses remain consistent.

People also have the choice to listen wherever and whenever they want to.Podcasts also give an additional dimension to ad campaigns.Finally these can build up your consumer relationship.

Some tips - 

Find a niche and be an authority
There are a lot of niches already. Same for writing content, you must produce unique and original audio blogs. You can either join some guest blogging sites or create your own site and accumulate a lot of tutorial.

Select the platform that fits you
Each platform has its own features and plugins for audio blogging. In, it is already possible to upload some audio files and turn your site into an audio blog. There are also lots of other tools to choose from.

Be one of the pod-cast people
Convert some of your articles into podcasts, especially the tutorial ones. This way, you can provide information to others and you can really promote your brand name. And more, you can project an image of being authoritative about something.

Usually people create a series about certain topics. Making a series for SEO newbies is one great way of using the podcasts to generate traffic to your site.

Start your own “music station”
Audio blogging and podcasting can make you into your own DJ. You can start your own online show about a particular topic or just about anything that you want to talk about.

According to a , there is a growing number of podcasts being listened to. More and more people prefer it because they can access it anytime and anywhere they want to, compared to the traditional radio stations.

Activate audio comments
There are some applications that already allow sites to receive audio comments. Use one of these to receive personalized comments. Other than the usual written comments you can make use of this media feature to connect with people.

The sound of audio blogging, a conclusion
Most of the web content are visual. It already has one given advantage, it appeals well to human senses. No wonder why, we are visual individuals. We react toward things that immediately catch our eyes.
But it will also benefit us to explore more of audio blogging. And add some music to it.

Author: Ric is one of the web content writers of Agents of Value, an outsourcing company. Other than providing quality written content to our clients, we also have web designers. You can hire a web designer from us if you want to outsource your web design.Read our guidelines to be a Guest Author at TechGau.Org
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