Saturday, 2 June 2012

Apple iOS Security Guide Released - Download

Apple has never been a company to release its OS secrets to the public, hence in a surprising move, Apple has revealed the inherent security features installed in the iOS.Apple has always kept its technological updates and development under wraps, fearing of intellectual property theft or the discovering of loopholes in its software by "curious" tech-savvy people.With the release of the new Apple iOS security guide, I am sure that there will be some compromise in the security as people will find some ways to disturb a well set security system.Some experts in the field believe that the Apple iOS guidelines reveal very little new information and that there was still a lot kept under the wraps.

The Security Guide gives much needed insight into the working of Operating system, which Businesses and Developers (especially) can use to improve the quality of their work.The reason why Apple has released the Security Guide seems to be to educate application developers to develop secure and safe apps that meet the Apple Security Guidelines.

Here are some of the topics described by the Apple iOS security guide -
  • System architecture: The secure platform and hardware foundations of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Encryption and Data Protection: The design features which protects the secure information of the owner of the Apple device when the device is lost or ended up in the wrong hands.
  • Network security: Heavy duty networking protocols, secure authentication and encryption of data in transmission.
  • Device access: A feature that allows the device to be remotely erased of all data, so that the information does not end up being misused by someone.

You can Download the Apple iOS Security Guide Here.

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