Sunday, 3 June 2012

Alexa Rank Increase Trick: Use Google Adwords

Alexa Rank is something that is not too important but can be useful, when you want to show your website statistics and popularity.Some webmasters concentrate only on things such as Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank and forget about writing good quality content (see how to write great content), this is a practice I do not recommend as it is not going to get you anywhere.You should allow Alexa Rank to develop on its own and try not to interfere with it too much as it is not very important.But if you still want to increase your Alexa Rank quickly and in a safe way, then I would suggest Google Adwords (Read - Google Ad-words for Beginners).

Google and Alexa do not really like Paid Traffic, so do not go out there and buy traffic from an untrustworthy source, these will most definitely be just bots and hence will do little in terms of Alexa Rank.The other form of trusted paid traffic, Google Adwords can be much more useful in increasing Alexa Rank.Here I have detailed the way in which you can Increase your Alexa Rank quickly.

Using Google Adwords select keywords for which your needs to be targeted.You can use keywords that usually webmasters would search in, such as "Get More Traffic", "SEO", "Website Design" etc.These webmasters will most definitely have the Alexa Toolbar installed and hence when they land on your pages through Adwords, your Alexa Rank will definitely increase.

But make sure that you use keywords that are related to your website.This means that to use this method your website or blog should be one of the following niche - Tech, Blogging, WordPress, Web-Design, SEO, Make Money Online etc.

Other niche will not see the same results through this method of Increasing Alexa Rank using Google Adwords.This method of increasing Alexa Rank will definitely set you back by a few dollars, hence I do not recommend this method.

You are better of trying to Increase Alexa Rank by slowly building your traffic and increasing your reader base.You can see How we got into the top 100K of Alexa Rankings as well as our tips on Increasing Alexa Rank.

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