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Advantages Of PDF Format Over Other Formats

PDF document format is considered as the industry standard format for sharing the documents. It is used for storing and saving the documents. The best thing about PDF format is that, it is independent from any application (software, hardware or operating system). It is considered as the secure format of storing confidential information. As PDF format has large number of advantages, that’s why people prefer PDF format over other formats.

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Nowadays, a large number of people use Word to PDF converters because they want their documents in PDF format. So many lawyers, educational organizations and agencies prefer PDF format over other formats.  The best thing about PDF files is that, they can be password protected. 

Let’s discuss some of the advantages of using PDF format. After that you will realize, why people prefer PDF format over other formats.

Provides Best Reading experience:
PDF files provide you pleasant reading experience. While reading a PDF file, you just feel that you are reading a paper book. These files just look like original documents. In PDF format, you can also adjust the display size of the content.

The best advantage of PDF files is that, they can be viewed on any platform (Windows, Mac OS, mobile platforms etc). This is the main reason that PDF file are so common all over the world. A large number of people use this format due to its portability feature.

PDF format also has a security feature. By using this feature you can prevent your documents from manipulation by others. You can easily restrict others to view your PDF files by applying password on them.

Digital Signature:
The digital signature feature in the PDF files has made the PDF encryption strong especially in the field of business. Digital Signatures basically verifies the digital identity of the signer.

When we look at the stats about PDF, we come to know that over 150 million of PDF documents are available over the internet. This ratio basically shows the reliability of the PDF documents. 

So, by seeing all the above features of PDF, we can easily say that PDF format has massive edge over other formats.

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