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7 Useful GPS Apps for Your iPhone

Although the best GPS apps for the iPhone can be quite expensive, they are worth every dollar. That’s because they come with excellent maps, clear instructions, safety features, and traffic information, making them a simpler alternative to a personal navigation system. After all, why bother buying a separate system when you can transform your iPhone into one?

Here are some of the best GPS apps for your iPhone-
7 Useful GPS Apps for Your iPhone
•    MotionX GPS Drive - $0.99
One of the most popular and highly-rated GPS app for the iPhone, MotionX GPS Drive is noted for its traffic-based and multi-stop routing. The maps are frequently updated, so you can use them confidently even in the busiest of cities. This app comes at an excellent price for what it offers.

•    TomTom for iPhone - $59.99 (US & Canada)
This app is provided by top personal navigation devices maker TomTom, which like many other similar companies, has in the last years created their own iPhone GPS apps. Some of the interesting features include the ability to quickly navigate to a Facebook place or event, fixed speed cameras, and destination sharing. Definitely worth checking out.

•    GPS by TeleNav - $2.99/month
A voice-assisted turn-by-turn GPS app with loads of features, GPS by TeleNav comes with Facebook integration, and excellent auto rerouting features. You’ll like about it the clearly visible street names and the obedience with which it receives voice commands. You’ll not like the bulky vehicle avatar which takes way too much space on the screen.

•    Garmin USA - $49.99
This complete GPS app comes with offline maps, voice prompted directions, speed limit alerts, and many other useful navigation features. The latest versions of the app have introduced significant improvements, making Garmin USA safer and stabler than before.

•    Waze – Free
Waze is in many ways a unique GPS app for the iPhone because it connects you to its own social network. It lets you report speed traps as well as traffic accidents, so that others will know about it. In your turn, you’ll have others’ reports to warn you. The maps are good, the rerouting fast, and the navigation screen clean.

•    MapQuest 4 Mobile - Free
Regarded by many as the best free voice-guided GPS app for the iPhone, MapQuest 4 Mobile gives you clear directions that help you reach your destination in time. It comes with a useful find me feature, and with energy saving settings, both of which come in handy when you’re on the road.

•    Magellan RoadMate - $59.99 (North America)
You can use this app either when you’re driving or when you’re walking. It comes with the usual features like 3D landmarks, text to speech, and lane assistances, all of which have been carefully put together. Overall, Magellan RoadMate is one of the most reliable apps of its kind you can find in the iTunes Store.
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