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5 Tips to Manage Your Wiki

Since the launch of the first Wiki, many users have created pages for others to join in the conversation. These pages are a great way to collaborate on topics and invite the general public to comment and create topics for discussion. However, with open access for just about anyone to contribute to the page, managing your wiki can get overwhelming. While most have utilized moderators to monitor the content and comments, there are other ways to keep your wiki clean.

Delete Pages You Don't Need:
One of the most common problems with those who own a wiki page is the use of the "create new page" button. It is easy to spot the owners that over use this button and creates unnecessary pages. Even though this problem can be fixed by simply deleting the page, many forget to do that as well. If you notice your wiki is getting overly populated with un-used pages, delete them. If a user can't navigate your wiki, you may need to clean it out.

Moderators and Contributors:
If you decide you want moderators to have control and help manage your wiki, be careful who you choose. Many wiki owners make the mistake of granting moderator permissions to those unworthy and find out later that it caused more damage than good. Start users with contributor access until they prove themselves. Once you are comfortable with that person, message them about becoming a moderator and what you expect from them. If you both see eye to eye, allow them to moderate your wiki.

Stay Organized:
If you are new to wikis, you may find the start to be a bit congested or disorganized. With users having the ability to contribute articles, posts, comments, etc. it may be hard to keep track of it all. By properly organizing your pages, using headings and keeping an organized table of contents, your page will flow smoother and contributors will know where their content should go.

Many current wiki hosts allows tagging to categorize your pages. This is important for keeping things organized and easy to manage. You can even tag pages that aren't even finished yet so that you can find them later and finish them. Tagging also allows your readers to find the information they are looking for without spending hours going through unrelated pages.

Use Wiki Management Software:
Software is always the easiest solution for any computer issue. Wiki management software offers an easy way to keep your wiki organized and also keep track of multiple wikis. After all, just one wiki is never enough. Take a look at available software for tracking your wikis as well as organizing the content you will be adding to your wikis.

A wiki is a great social webpage for engaging your readers, welcoming contributors and starting interesting conversations on a variety of topics. Whether you have a general wiki that spans several different niches, or a wiki that is geared towards one type of audience, keeping it organized and well managed is important.

Author: Jeremy Thompson is a writer who utilizes ZIM graphic text editor for managing Wiki pages and suggests wiki writers Download ZIM to keep their wikis organized.Read our guidelines to be a Guest Author at TechGau.Org
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