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4 Best Blogs for SEO Newbies Who Want to Get It Right

Most beginners in SEO (and many veterans, for that matter) just get it all wrong – and it’s not their fault, there’s just too much wrong advice out there, and most of it can seem legit to those new to the industry.

People tend to fall for “first place on Google in 7 days guaranteed” type of promises and pay for the courses that get them nowhere; and while a vast majority quickly decide that they can’t make money that way and quit, others stick to what they have learnt from IM superstar gurus, and end up spending a lot more than they’ve earned on other courses that promise similar things (if they earn anything at all).

The truth is, there is a way to learn to do proper SEO, but it’s slow and therefore unattractive to many. No short skyrocket course will teach you everything you need to know the proper way, but you can educate yourself: start with these blogs, they provide extremely valuable advice on the industry, and you will soon get a taste of what SEO is really about. Read a lot and do your own small-size testing and failure (and in the meantime, don’t quit your day job).
This blog is updated daily by various authors and it covers basically every aspect of Internet marketing. This is one of the most authoritative blogs in the industry, and yet probably the one that is most accessible to beginners (if you don’t get intimidated by the amount of information there). The “Whiteboard Friday” is one of their cool trademarks (video presentations on a whiteboard). The articles are extremely detailed, with screenshots and step-by-step instructions, and they are usually written in a language that is easy to understand once you get used to SEO lingo.
Search Engine Land has all the latest information from the search engine world. For over a decade Danny Sullivan has been a fantastic search engine reporter: he writes articles that are detailed and well researched, and since he’s maintaining a close relationship with Google’s engineers, his blog is a must read if you want to stay in touch with the constant changes in SEO industry.
Jon Cooper, the 18 year old genius, is devoted to finding and presenting the top notch link building strategies: if you have no idea what other types of link building there are except from blog commenting, article directories and other highly non-creative and spammy techniques, this is the guy you definitely want to follow. He’s very enthusiastic about his blog, and he will probably answer any questions you ask in comments.
SeoBook is run by Aaron Wall, the first authority who wrote a thorough e-book on search engine optimization. They offer a training program which includes tools and a private forum (paid entry), but their blog (free) is full of useful information and tips from top SEO experts.

While this list may be too much for start, it is full of excellent read on SEO. You can pick one or two to go through in more detail, and subscribe to others for getting the latest posts. Invest your time in exploring quality resources, apply what you have learnt from them and you’ll do fine.

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Author: As a SEO expert, Jeff knows how important it is to learn as much as you can about SEO from trusted sources before you start doing SEO for yourself or for a client. Curently, he is associated with Sadrzaj serija as their consultant for search engine optimization and social media marketing.
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