Thursday, 7 June 2012

3 Tips to Develop a Functional Keyword Plan.

Developing a fully functional keyword plan is the first step in creating a popular website or blog. You can use them to attract traffic that will reflect as an increase in revenue for you(Read - Make Money Online Blogging). Although it sounds very simple, having a keyword plan is more complicated than what it seems.

You will need an efficient strategy with numerous features to reap benefits from it. Follow these 3 proven tips to start a functional and successful keyword plan:

 1.      Categorize The Keywords
One of the most basic mistakes webmasters tend to do is sort their keywords into groups based on the words that they contain. For example, if you are sorting keywords on real estate, don’t just sort them into ‘home’ and ‘house’. Sort them according to their meaning, and according to the keywords that people give when searching for something. A person may look for a “house in quiet neighborhood” or a “home in Miami”. Then, real estate keywords can also include ‘apartment’, ‘flat’ or ‘townhouse’.

2.      Have Content With Question Keywords
When you have a webpage with a certain topic in mind, think of the usual questions people tend to ask regarding that issue. It has been seen that a number of search inquiries are made with a question instead of a general query. Make a list of the questions that one might have regarding the topic of your webpage and start inserting keywords into them. In order to ensure that your expectations match the estimated values, you must keep a close watch on the trends and other analytics.

 3.      Spot Patterns
Last, but not the least, you will need to remember the need to identify patterns in search queries and emerging trends in order to identify the right keywords necessary for a fully functional keyword plan.

Whenever you come across a keyword that you are not sure about, run it through one of the top search engines in order to find out its meaning, effectiveness, probable search results and rankings (this will give you a good idea about your competitors).

Remember that you will require practice and familiarity with the content in order to device an efficient keyword plan. The chances are higher that you will have a better keyword plan for your own website (whose content you know by heart) than that of your friend’s new project.

Author: Sarah Clark is a SEO and an online reputation management expert. She is a contributor for the site, SeoMiracle.Com.Read our guidelines to be a Guest Author at TechGau.Org
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