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3 Performance Tools You Need To Build and Maintain Website

Need to build a website, edit an existing website or enhance your websites look and feel? I came upon one company on the web that has the universal solution, especially for those on a tight budget. Known for their famous slogan, “It’s just that easy…” because it really couldn’t get any easier, Easy WebContent gives users of all ages and technology level the ability and power to keep their web presence up-to-date and competitive without the help of a professional.

For small business owners, especially entrepreneurs working on startups know that time is money and vice-a-versa. With this said, the time spent on Google for web designers, developers, html editors, and widgets can go beyond the marketing budget set for developing a web presence. Think about it, the project quote that your selected designer gives you may be around $3,000. Now, think about the time you spent asking for quotes and the number of designers you spoke on the phone or in-person prior to your final decision, add a few hundred dollars to that already $3,000 from the additional time spent. Time is surely money, so here is your one-stop solution for your website needs.

Make A Website With A Site Builder
Honestly, with a tight budget why go to a developer or designer when there are so many site builders on the web like Squarespace, Weebly, and Yola, just to name a few to build a website. They all have their advantages and disadvantages; from free to paid builders and basic to elaborate capabilities. From my own experience with the Easy WebContent Site Builder is that it is by far the most basic of their competitors. The tool provides fully customizable themes with elastic control, a fully drag and drop system as many site builders do, the capability of embeding custom HTML for those who have some knowledge of coding, and stats to keep traffic of your web traffic. 

The users that would have the advantage from this tool are small businesses, startups, and local to nonprofit organizations. Those who are expecting a more elaborate website, you may just consider hiring a web designer and developer, but fair warning they will come with a high price tag.

Edit Your Existing Website With An HTML Editor
The Easy WebContent HTML Editor is by far my favorite tool of the three. The advantage of this particular HTML editor is that it answers that famous question, “How do I edit my website?” The beauty is you don’t need to download any software or use expensive third-party tools to make any edits. This online HTML editor allows you to do your edits anywhere in the world on any computer using all types of browsers.  From a designer’s perspective, I can develop sites for my clients and give them the power to be in absolute charge of their content through the Easy WebContent reseller program. From a user with an existing website perspective, I don’t have to hire a developer to make minor edits.

Enhancing your web presence sometimes goes beyond that elaborate look and well-written content. Many visitors looks for a sense of interaction when landing on a website, may it be a carousel of product images or company announcements on the home page of a website to a gallery of images on a portfolio page. Whatever your business is, interaction is key to keeping your visitors engaged. Therefore, I found that Easy WebContent provides add-ons and widgets that enhances a website with photo galleries, flash players, event calendars and much more. These add-ons and widgets are included within their site builder and HTML editor, but are also available as an individual tool just as if you are just looking for an event calendar for your site. 

Your One Stop Web Shop
Let’s face the reality, sitting in front of a computer can become extremely time consuming and it is worth more than a couples dimes and pennies. Through my own experience using these tools, I definitely recommend them for those who are on a tight budget and just want a basic website. This is a great start and if anything, down the line when you are ready to put in a couple hundred or thousands of dollars to upgrade your website then start searching for designers and developers. 

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