Monday, 21 May 2012

WiFi On Your Smartphone - When And Where To Use?

If you have a smartphone then it probably has a pretty smart internet connection that ensures it’s connected to a high speed 3G network at all times. However while this is very impressive, it’s still not quite as good as being connected to your home WiFi which is much faster and which won’t charge you for going over your data allowance.

As such if you want to make the very most of your smartphone you should connect it to the WiFi connection and this will let you do a lot more with it. Here we will look at what.[Also read - Increasing WiFi signal strength.]

Sending Pictures: If you currently still send pictures using multimedia messaging then you’re living in 2009. These days it’s all about ‘What’s App’ which lets you send pictures using your internet connection. If you want that to be completely free though then you should use WiFi.

Chatting: I remember chatting to my girlfriend on MSN using my smartphone not so long ago while I watched TV. It was much quicker and less disruptive than using a laptop (which I used all day for work) and it didn’t get hot or crash. However in order to do so I had to use WiFi as otherwise I was constantly signing in and out as my 3G lost signal and regained it. Blame O2 if you will.

Downloading Huge Files: There are loads of huge files you can use on your phone. For instance it’s possible to download and watch entire films, which is great if you have a phone or tablet with a large screen. At the same time if you have a Playstation emulator then you can download whole classic games (as long as you own the original disks otherwise it’s illegal). To do either of those things though you’ll need a fast connection that you can use it with.

Transferring Files: And even if you already own those files you might just want to transfer them quickly and easily to your phone – in which case you will need to use a cumbersome cable.

DropBox: To quickly share them among all your devices as long as they’re all on a WiFi connection.

Comics: If you have WiFi you can actually download and read digital comics on your phone, which actually makes the medium all that more exciting as it can include things like animations.

Spotify: Imagine having every song you could probably ever want on your phone and in the palm of your hand. Well that’s the reality of Spotify so long as you have WiFi as you’ll be streaming those tracks straight from the web without having to download them or having to pay for them for that matter.

TV: Other apps meanwhile give you the ability to stream TV directly from the web – again something that will be jerky and that will cost you a fair bit unless you’re using a WiFi connection. A very worthwhile cause though for anyone who likes to watch TV while they relax in the garden or while drinking coffee in Starbucks.

Author: Sebastian is technical writer who usually writes article related to technology/gadgets. He recently switched his ISP to BT Infinity and after getting superb services decided to blog about them.Read our guidelines to be a Guest Author at TechGau.Org
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