Tuesday, 8 May 2012

What Is One Month Alexa Ranking? Find Your Websites Ranking

Alexa Ranking is something that webmasters and Bloggers crave after, many believe that to sell direct advertising or get accepted into Ad networks such as BuySellAds, BlogAds and Tribal Fusion, one needs to have a minimum requirement of Alexa Rank less than 100000.This may be true, but Alexa Rank is not the ultimate decider of advertiser interest in your blog or website.

One Month Alexa Ranking is similar to the normal Alexa Ranking, except for the fact that the normal Alexa Ranking calculates the rank based on 3-Months of Traffic Data, whereas the One Month Alexa Ranking system uses only a single month of traffic data to calculate a ranking for a website.

The One Month Alexa Ranking is less accurate than a Three Month Alexa Ranking as a website or a blog may have had a spurt in traffic for a particular month, but that does not mean it gets that much traffic throughout the year.

For example, Imagine a website dedicated to Christmas gifts, the traffic will peak in the month of December as many people would be looking to buy gifts, but you would not expect the same traffic in July for that website.So naturally the One Month Alexa Ranking for December would be far greater than the average Alexa Ranking of the website.

Some webmasters even look to boost their One Month Alexa Ranking by using Alexa Rank Boosting systems to convince potential advertisers of the traffic the website gets, so advertisers should make sure to check the Three Month Alexa Ranking before buying an Ad-Slot in that particular website.

You can find your website's One Month Alexa Ranking in the Alexa website, in the place shown below in the picture - 

What Is One Month Alexa Ranking

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