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What are the Advantages of Microsoft Silverlight Technology to Develop Rich Internet Applications?

Developers use a number of plug-ins and technology to develop a single web page. One of these browser plug-ins includes Microsoft’s Silverlight. When it was released, Silverlight truly brought stunned developers all over the world. Developers could now make their web pages faster than ever before. Furthermore, they could make their web pages more interactive and entertaining.

User Interface

One of the biggest reasons why Silverlight is so popular amongst developers is due to the simple user interface. Silverlight provides developers with a simple interface that uses aspects of HTML. In fact, the language used in Silverlight, XAML, will seem familiar to HTML developers. This is because Silverlight takes many aspects of HTML and incorporates them into XAML.

To most new developers, the user interface may portray Silverlight to be a very simple piece of technology. However, its simplicity should not be mistaken. Although XAML is similar to HTML, it is more powerful than it. The HTML language has been redesigned to make the new language both powerful and easy to use. Even HTML developers can use Silverlight with ease.

The simplicity of the user interface that Silverlight provides further increases its popularity amongst web developers. The fact is that although the language it incorporates (XAML) was based on HTML, it has been redesigned to make the language familiar yet powerful. This makes it even simpler to use, even for old developers. Anyone who is familiar with the HTML language can easily use Silverlight.

Silverlight provides developers with the tools they need to develop RIAs like never before. Even though RIAs take quite some time to create, Silverlight makes their creation simple. For those that do not know, it takes quite some time to develop the various RIA iterations required for most web browsers. Many developers may have to start from the drawing board when they try to port them to a new browser. You can use Verizon internet plans to enhance this process.

This is one area where Silverlight shines. Silverlight is compatible with a large number of browsers. This lets developers use their RIAs in whatever browser they wish to develop for without recreating the RIAs. Not only does this shorten the development period, it makes the testing phase simpler and faster.

Mobile Solution

The great thing sit ht Microsoft Silverlight is not only technology for web pages. Developers can just as easily use Silverlight to create stunning mobile apps. Silverlight allows developers to utilize the hardware on a phone and create an app that customers will love. However, its familiarity really impresses mobile developers.

Due to the familiarity of Silverlight, a web designer can now also become an app developer. Developers can now use Silverlight to create both amazing web pages and spectacular mobile apps without learning to use another language or SDK. You can use your one of your Verizon internet plans to download the SDK.

High Compatibility

If anything, Silverlight’s compatibility gives it a lot of popularity. It does not matter if a developer is using XML or even .NET, Silverlight will always be compatible with it. In the latest release of Silverlight, Microsoft developers chose to keep the old design and build on top of it. This is contrary to the complete redesign seen in many developer tools.

This is actually a great bonus for those learning Silverlight. No one learning how to use Silverlight will have to start again due to a design change. They can continue learning Silverlight without worrying about any interface or language changes. This allows student developers to continue learning Silverlight without having to stop and learn about all the changes.

High Acceptability

An increasing number of developers are starting to use Microsoft Silverlight. With the highly competitive market that web designing is, it makes sense to shift to technology that is more powerful. This enables a greater number of developers to create a larger number of unique and compelling products.

Ever since Microsoft first released Silverlight, it has been doing well. From web designers to mobile app developers, Silverlight lets you do it all. Combining the incredibly simple user interface with the powerful tools provided, Silverlight is one weapon that any developer should have in his or her arsenal. Silverlight lets developers create on their desired platform whatever they want.

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