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Viral Web Apps – How To Make One?

A web application can go viral in an instant.Viral web applications spread messages over the web more efficiently and effectively than any other platform.  Viral web apps are thus a powerful and promising internet marketing tool.  Many webmasters perceive a high barrier to entry regarding viral web applications.  Quite the opposite, creating a viral web app may be easier than you think.  Plenty of webmasters wrongly assume the level of programming skill required to create a viral web app.  In fact, even someone with no programming ability can create a viral web application.

Leading by Example is a quintessential example of a viral web application created with no programming experience.  Built in less than two hours by engineering students, grew quickly to tens of thousands and eventually millions of views.  Each year, generates over $5 million in revenue.  Compare this with the two total hours spent building the core concept of the site and anyone can see the enormous potential of even a simple viral web application. So, without further ado, here’s how to create your own viral web app.

Success Starts with a Simple Idea

The key to success in a viral web application is a controversial concept.  Without a controversial concept able to catch viewer’s attention, the web application will hardly stand a chance at going viral.  Think outside of conventional walls to come up with a controversial concept.  You can start by brainstorming possible ideas and build on that until you come up with something that will really “wow” your audience.  The only goal here is to develop an idea that people can’t help but pass along.

How to Find a Programmer

You can post an ad on Craigslist requesting the help of an engineering student or programmer.  Alternatively, you can search for bids on a site like Elance.  The cost of the web application will vary based on complexity and may range from as little as $150 to tens of thousands of dollars. Your budget will ultimately play a major role in your approach towards creating a viral web application.  

Remember that although the programmer is the one building the web app, you are the one mapping out exactly what you want it to do.

First, you tell the programmer what to do and then the programmer will send back a finished product.  Never leave the actual viral web app concept to the programmer.  The web app is your idea; you just need the means of launching it.

Sharing with Friends

Perhaps the most important element of a viral web app that many webmasters overlook is a “share with friend” button.  You always want to make it as easy as possible for viewers to share your viral web app with their network of friends.

Check out the Best Share Buttons

Before you launch the web app, make sure the “share with friends” button works correctly and that viewers can share the web app with just one click of the mouse.  Once the app is ready and you are satisfied with everything, launch it to your social media network and bookmarking sites.  If your concept is controversial and strong enough to attract a following, you should see the traffic rolling in.

Author: Akesh Gupta is President of Light Speed Solutions.Akesh and the Light Speed Solutions team strive to deliver quality web app development services on time and on budget.Read our guidelines to be a Guest Author at TechGau.Org
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