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Useful Twitter Tips for Bloggers

Did you know that Twitter is a great medium for bringing in visitors to your blog? Despite Facebook’s apparent popularity, Twitter probably has the bulk of knowledge-seeking or blog-hopping people. Twitter reportedly directs 50% more readers to blogs than Facebook and is also at seventh place for being the best source of traffic.

So you’d definitely want to use Twitter to increase traffic to your blog, right? There are various ways to do so. Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with Twitter, you will master several Twitter marketing tips by the end of this article. Even if you have been fiddling around with Twitter for some time, there might be something that you haven’t heard of, so read on:

1. Build relationships and a reputation
It is needless to say that you first need to have a Twitter account to start, but once you do, start networking with those within the same industry, post constructive tweets and build a reputation for yourself. Don't mention anything about your blog first in order not to appear that you created the Twitter account just to promote your website!
2. Build a following
Once you have established connections, start to focus on increasing the number of your followers. What you can do to get people to follow you is to first follow them, but be careful not to overdo this. If you follow much more than the number of followers you have, you can be seen as a spammer and your credibility all go down the drain.
3. Mention your blog, discreetly!
Only start linking back to your blog if you have achieved:
  • more followers than following
  • have more useful tweets than blog-promotions
Every now and then, in between your constructive tweets, you can link or mention your blog. This is when you slowly introduce your followers to your blog. As you would already have built a reputation and following, people are now more convinced to check your blog out.

4. Respond to tweets
Don't just post tweet after tweet without interacting with the other Twitter users, especially those who you are following and are keen for them to return the favor. If you find something interesting, let them know of your thoughts. Pay a compliment but make sure not to overdo it. If possible, try to keep a conversation going.

5. Re-tweet
Re-tweeting is to post a status that another user had already posted earlier. It is not stealing or copying but can be seen as a form of a compliment. It only means that the status was interesting enough that someone wants to share it. If you don't have anything to comment on a tweet, what you can do is to re-tweet it.

6. Inform your readers of your Twitter handle
Focus some effort on your blog too, by mentioning your Twitter handle where appropriate. This way, you will be able to capture your readers who arrive directly on your blog. These readers are now aware that you are on Twitter and then have the option to follow you if they wish to.

7. Tweet regularly
It doesn't make sense to do all the above but let your Twitter account remain idle. Constantly keep your account fresh with new posts (retweets do not count). There are several tools that can help you to manage your tweets; one of them is Hootsuite. With Hootsuite, you can set your tweets to be posted automatically at the times you’ve selected, on top of other features which make tweeting a breeze.

Promoting your blog need not be a difficult affair these days, thanks to the popularity of social networking websites, especially Twitter. If you simply put to use just one or two of the tips above, you can be assured that you will soon see your blog's hits improving. Happy tweeting!

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