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Top 8 E-Commerce Sites of 2011

There has never been a time when more people were doing their shopping online. Online stores have long since shed the stigma that internet shopping was not secure and that it was difficult for a casual web user to complete a transaction. This is in thanks to a great number of companies that have embraced e-commerce and spent the time developing platforms that are user-friendly and which protect customer information.

Innovations in shopping cart software, an influx of developers offering small business ecommerce solutions, and companies specializing in e-commerce have made online shopping effortless and a daily experience for most.

However, as in any business market, there are those companies that simply outperform the others. The following eight businesses have maximized their use of e-commerce platforms and have created some of the best selling environments on the web. Here are the top 8 e-commerce sites of 2011 according to the MarketLive Merchant Awards.

8.  French Toast (www.frenchtoast.com)
French Toast is a leading provider of school uniforms and maintains a highly efficient ecommerce website.  Using the shopping cart platform, they make shopping for school uniforms a truly user friendly and familiar experience.

7.  Neutrogena (www.neutrogena.com) 
Neutrogena is a worldwide manufacturer and marketer of beauty and skin care products. Their website also has one of the top conversion rates on the web. If you are researching e-commerce platforms, make sure you visit Neutrogena’s site.

6.  Title Nine (www.titlenine.com) 
As a leading apparel retailer for active women, Title Nine understands what kind of promotion and design it takes to attract customers and motivate a purchase.

5.  H2O Plus (www.h2oplus.com) 
If you have been to the mall lately, I am sure you have seen all the kiosks dedicated to marine skincare. This market is growing rapidly and H2O Plus has been able to set up an ecommerce platform on their website that has encouraged return visits and repeat sales.

4.  Ulla Popken (www.ullapopken.com) 
Ulla Popken is the second women’s apparel website to appear on this list. But unlike Title Nine, Ulla Popken designs and sells clothes for plus-size women, and they do it extremely well. By utilizing search engine marketing and social media marketing, Ulla Popken has built a highly recognizable ecommerce brand.

3.  Francesca’s Collections (www.francescascollections.com) 
The top three starts off with another women’s apparel website, but Francesca’s Collection adds a bit of spice to the mix. As an up-and-coming site, Francesca’s Collection has a lot of competition, but they have been able to maximize their marketing to target women looking for more eclectic items. Their original clothes, jewelry, and accessories are offered through an easy-to-use shopping cart platform and their “wish list” functionality makes it easy for friends and family to shop for them, as well as bringing potential new customers to the site.

2.  Armani Exchange (www.armaniexchange.com) 
The second best e-commerce site of 2011 goes to Armani Exchange. This site is a lot different than the others on this list. It utilizes e-commerce software with a shopping cart platform, but the presentation is slick with rich content. The site also has a great mobile platform to target the growing segment on the population that are shopping online on-the-go.

1.     Totes >> ISOTONER (www.totes-isotoner.com) 
The top e-commerce site on our list is the one run by Totes >> ISOTONER. They are the world’s largest marketer of gloves, umbrellas, slippers, and other weather-related accessories. The website’s e-commerce platform utilizes colorful and clear pictures of their products, discounts are clearly labeled, and filling your basket and checking out is smooth and easy.

The companies on this list have set the bar for e-commerce. Whether they have developed proprietary e-commerce platforms or utilized those available to the public, such as the Miva Merchant shopping cart platform, what sets them apart is a clear vision of their products and their target market.
Author: Brent Carlson is an Internet writer and small business entrepreuner. Read our guidelines to be a Guest Author at TechGau.Org

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