Thursday, 31 May 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Price In India Rs.43180

We had earlier estimated that the price range of the Samsung Galaxy S3 would be around that of the HTC One X, which was around Rs36000.But we stand corrected, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been released in India at an exorbitant price of Rs43180, which does not do justice to the consumers, especially when you get the HTC One X which comes with almost similar specs but for Rs 7000 lesser.

Hopefully Samsung will realize this and reduce the price of Samsung Galaxy S3 at-least by Rs5000.We recommend that those interested in buying the Samsung Galaxy S3 but are not too happy because of the price to wait for a month or so as we expect a drop in prices if Samsung wants to stay competitive.Samsung just cannot get away with it by pricing a phone so high, hoping that its brand name and the Galaxy series name would pull it through.

Officially, Price Of Samsung Galaxy S3 In India - Rs43180

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