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Samsung Galaxy S3 Hands On - Features and Price

Samsung showed off its latest smart phone, Samsung Galaxy S3 at the Unpacked event in London.The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the fourth phone in the Galaxy S series from Samsung.To begin with, let me give you some of the specifications and features of the Samsung Galaxy S3.The latest Samsung Smartphone  a has quad-core Exynos 4 processor under the hood. The screen is 1280×720 pixels of Super AMOLED whose pixels per inch rival that of the iPhone 4S.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the second Samsung phone to run on Android 4.0 after the Galaxy Nexus S.It still has some tweaks of the TouchWiz User Interface, which is not exactly my favorite UI.The surprising thing is that the Samsung Galaxy S3 UI looks totally different to other Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) phones.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a little bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S2, as you can see in the picture.The phone also beats out the Samsung Galaxy S2 in terms of processing speed and quickness in switching between apps etc, well it should as it has a Quad-Core Processor, while the Samsung Galaxy S2 has only a Dual Core Processor.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Hands On

You might be surprised to an iPhone like Button at the bottom, but it is rather handy.The down point of having such a big phone is that it is hard to hit that button while holding the phone in one hand, this is clearly not the phone for those who like to use only one hand.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a little bulkier than the previous Galaxy Series phones due to the simple fact that it has more to give than the others, I was able to take a look at the AllShare feature ( Read more about AllShare Feature on Samsung Smart TV's) which involves media sharing among different Samsung gadgets.
Most of the new applications seem to be oriented along the lines of sharing with friends, so your friends better have compatible phones.

The back of the Samsung Galaxy S3 was supposed to be made of ceramic, but it still feels plasticy, I think Samsung needs to take note from HTC, when it comes to making premium handset covers.

We will soon follow up with a detailed, in-depth review of the features of the Samsung Galaxy S3.So stay tuned for that.Here is a video by Digit.Thanks to Digit for the Images.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will probably be priced competitively with the HTC One X in India, which would be around 35000Rs.
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