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Samsung Galaxy S3: 12 Amazing Features Review

We recently wrote posts on the Hands-On of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Release date of the Samsung Galaxy S3, as promised here is a review of some of the best features of the Samsung Galaxy S3.We were able to clearly define 12 of the best features, from several others to make this list of the "12 Amazing Features Review" -

12)S Beam - By combining the powers of NFC and WiFi Direct, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is capable of sharing files and media with another Samsung Galaxy S3 by just tapping it together.Unfortunately this does not work with other phones, hence the S Beam is at number 12.

11)Pop-Up Play - I really enjoyed this feature, this feature is possible because of the Quad Core Processor.Imagine you are viewing a movie on your Samsung Galaxy S3, and want to read a text, you can make the movie into a small pop-up (as you would in a computer) and keep watching it as you read the text.This is one of the benefits of a 4.8 Inch Screen.

10)Smart Stay - I have had many time when I will be reading a long note on my phone and the backlight times out and I have to press something to make it come back on again.But with Smart Stay, it senses if your face is in front of the screen or not and adjusts the timing of the back-light using sensors mounted on the front of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

9)AllShare Play - The Samsung Galaxy S3 has this new feature called as the AllShare Play.It enables direct media exchange and play between different Samsung devices such as between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Smart TV's.

8)Best Photo - Although many smart phones these days have this feature, I still liked it a lot on the Samsung Galaxy S3.As the Samsung Galaxy S3 takes pictures in a burst mode, the feature selects the photo which is the best and deletes the rest.

7)Social Tagging / Buddy Share - Samsung claims that the Samsung Galaxy S3 can use face recognition to match the people in your photos to those in your contacts, I personally have not used this tool much so I am keeping it in number 7 although it sounds like a really amazing feature.

6)8 MP Camera - As you probably know the Samsung Galaxy S3 hosts an amazing 1080p video recording capable camera.

5)Sharp Bluetooth Stereo - The Apt-X codec in the Galaxy S III finally takes the blurry muddiness out of Bluetooth stereo, promising much sharper wireless sound.This new feature is also found in the HTC One X.

4)Better Call Quality - Smarty Phone or not, if a phone cannot make good calls and great audio quality then it is useless, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a sure winner in this department, it is one of the best call qualities I have ever heard.

3)S Voice - Simply Put, it is Samsung's answer to Apple's Siri.It helps make Google searches and also complete various tasks within the phone.

2)Quad Core Processor - 32nm 1.4GHz quad-core ARM Cortex A9 processor on the Exynos 4412 (Exynos 4 Quad) Chipset processor on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is simply one of the best ever to come out for the Smart Phone segment.

1)Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 - Samsung Galaxy S3 is the second Samsung Phone after the Galaxy Nexus S to run on ICS, the latest and greatest version of Android.The HTC One X One V and One S also run on the ICS Android 4.0

 Samsung Galaxy S3 features

So here was a list of the Top 12 Features or Applications or Tools in the Samsung Galaxy S3, stay tuned for more smart phone news.
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