Thursday, 3 May 2012

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Not To Be Released in India

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Not To Be Released in India
Samsung on Twitter confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will not be released in India anytime soon, but they have told us to look out for the next big thing, in Smart Phones.Presumably this "Next Big Thing" is the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus who were waiting for the smart phone to hit India will surely be disappointed by the fact that Samsung India has made a decision to not include it in the Indian market.This is probably because it may come in competition with Samsung's Flagship smart phones, that is the Galaxy S series.

Samsung has had a history of not releasing or releasing late in terms of the Nexus Series.The Samsung Nexus One was not released in India, its successor Google Nexus S was released a few months after its global release.Samsung does not seem to think that the Nexus series would be profitable in India.

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