Friday, 25 May 2012

Mobile Baseball: Smartphone Apps for America's Favorite Pastime

Baseball season is in full swing, and fans of the Major Leagues have already begun tracking statistics, cheering for their favorite players and managing fantasy baseball teams. While baseball may never lose the title, mobile phones may have already taken over as America's favorite pastime. Perhaps, then, it is unsurprising that there are many fantastic applications that combine the old entertainment standard with the new. Smartphone baseball apps pack enough content to keep the casual spectator and the die-hard statistician equally engaged during the long Major League season. At Bat
For the unbeatable price of free, Android and iOS users can gain basic access to the official Major League Baseball (MLB) application, At Bat. With a free subscription, scores, schedules, rosters, team rankings and news from are all at hand and easy to navigate. A library of player reviews and game clips is also available, and the home screen on Andriod phones can be customized to reflect the user's favorite team.
However, a paid subscription to At Bat takes the app to a whole new level. Seasonal subscriptions cost $14.99, or users can pay $2.99 monthly to unlock the benefits associated with the full version. Included are live radio broadcasts, video highlights of in-progress games, pitch-by-pitch updates and much more. Additionally, users who subscribe to MLB.TV can stream the games live from their mobile phones or save them to watch later.

EvriThing Baseball
EvriThing Baseball compiles baseball news from thousands of news sources and blogs and presents them on a single application. While that may seem overwhelming, the data is sorted into 30 channels, including Roster Moves, Injury Report, Trade Talk, Free Agents and more. When users select a channel, the latest news is displayed at the top of the screen, with customizable options like having their favorite team's happenings listed first. The feed receives constant updates, but users can manually refresh by scrolling down. Each story in the channel features the source, time published, headline and excerpt so baseball fans only read the news they want. With one click, fans are connected to the baseball news of which they cannot get enough. EvriThing Baseball is free for iOS mobile handset users.

FanGraphs Baseball
For the fan who likes to track baseball statistics, FanGraphs is the perfect app. It contains live box scores for every game, lifetime statistics for every MLB player since 1974 to today and real-time visual graphs that compare competing teams against each other based on statistics alone as the game is played. Minor league stats are also included in the app, as well as salary histories. The app is well-organized and intuitive. For those new to stat tracking, the $3.00 iOS smartphone app offers a glossary of terms and abbreviations.

Fantasy Monster Pro
Fantasy sports teams are an exciting way to follow a favorite sport. Individual players from teams across the Major League are chosen individually, creating a dream team of players that “competes” against other fantasy teams based on statistics including wins, hits, errors and RBI. Fantasy Monster Pro communicates with the fantasy line-ups at ESPN and Yahoo, so users can manage multiple teams at once. Check scores, view standings, trade players and more all from this single app, which is more comprehensive than any other fantasy league app in the marketplace. Fantasy Monster Pro is available for $4.99 to Apple and Android mobile users.

Author: Jaye Ryan is a baseball fanatic and a freelance writer who loves to write about baseball and its mobile availability for our guidelines to be a Guest Author at TechGau.Org.
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