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Matt Cutts' SEO Tips To Rank Number 1 in Google Search

Matt Cutts is an employee at Google and has a big influence over pretty much every web-master in the world.Matt is believed to be one of those rare people who have understood Search Engine Optimization well and also has some insider information from Google.Matt regularly writes about SEO, Google updates at his Blog.

Here is a video (Amusing if you know your SEO) where Matt Cutts has given out some details about ranking well in Google Search, make sure you share this video and article with fellow webmasters and bloggers as they would be entertained by it too.After the video, I will explain some of the things that Matt Cutts believes to be useful in ranking number 1 in Google Search.

Anyone Can Rank Number One On Google
Matt Cutts believes that anyone with good original content can be ranked number one in the Google Search.All one needs to do is follow certain guidelines that will help them enhance the quality content that they already have.

Ever since the Penguin Update, a lot of things have changed in the Google Algorithm and hence the tips below have been written keeping Google Penguin Update in mind.

Now coming to Matt Cutts' SEO Tips, the tips here have been collected from different articles and videos of Matt Cutts.So make sure that you read through them carefully and try to work towards them.

  • Basic job to do while starting with SEO, is to do Keyword Research. At the Adwords Tool.With this tool you will understand what phrases and words people use to search for what they want.Knowing this, you can tailor your Article title and the body to have such keywords etc.
  • Use EasyWpSEO plugin in WordPress.
  • Read Google SEO guidelines here.
  • Keep your Outbound links limited to quality and related topics.Never link out to something that is not related to your article.
  • Use Guest Blogging as a Tool to get more links to your site as well as to link out to similar sites.This is something that Google Loves.Google likes to see different authors contributing to a blog or a website.You can read the Guest Post guidelines for TechGau.Org.
  • Share your posts to Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Digg! etc.We have seen the new Social Integration of Google Search and the Facebook LinkedIn Integration with Bing, hence it is important for your articles to be shared on Social Networking sites.
  • Add the Google+ Button to your site and ask your visitors to Plus One your articles.(Hint: Plus One this Blog)
  • Improve user experience in terms of page load time, number of ads, easy navigation etc.
These are just some of the important tips given out by Matt Cutts recent times, so follow these tips to make sure you have a well optimized site.
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