Thursday, 17 May 2012

Manage Website SEO Using iPhone Apps

There are good reasons why tech-savvy consumers have gobbled up tens of millions of iPhones worldwide. iPhones are sleek and stylist, peerlessly constructed and incredibly useful to modern life thanks to all those amazing applications.
One area that iPhone apps have really taken off is in helping those with websites or blogs boost search engine optimization (SEO) for Google. iPhone apps make SEO ever so easy!

What is SEO?
SEO stands for search engine optimization, an ever-evolving and all-important practice focused on increasing the likelihood that search engines like Google find and list your website or blog. SEO involves understanding how search engines operate and implementing strategies that provide better results.
The desired outcome is when someone is searching on the Internet for something that applies to your website, your listing comes up in search results. The more effective the SEO, the more traffic heading to your website.

Why iPhone Apps for SEO?
First of all, by utilizing your iPhone to boost your website’s SEO you have the power and flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime. Optimizing search is an ongoing effort, and with your trusty iPhone in hand at all times you can monitor every situation. Plus, there are many useful iPhone SEO apps that are absolutely free, and some really effective, more advanced ones that cost just a few dollars.

What SEO iPhone Apps Can Do for You
The first thing you want to do when implementing an SEO strategy for a website or blog is to analyze. Most SEO apps offer a free SEO test, show information such as Google rankings, and delve into keyword effectiveness and density. Having the correct words or phrases in the right proportion is a big part of SEO, and an iPhone app can ensure you are doing this correctly.
There are apps that offer the ability to calculate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, in addition to helping you plan and implement social media marketing. With iPhone apps you are always on top of the latest developments and ideas in SEO, and are able to monitor what effect the moves you make are having on your website’s traffic and Google ranking.

Expanding Apps
iPhone SEO apps range from very simple and free to complex and involved, depending on your needs. For a single blogger interested in monitoring and analyzing their SEO on-the-go to the business owner trying to squeeze every ounce of effectiveness out of their online advertizing campaign, there’s an applicable iPhone app out there that can help.

From teaching users the basics and getting started to delving into the complexities of the art of SEO for Google, once again the power of the amazing iPhone is unleashed with cutting-edge applications that save time and make it easy to boost Web traffic!

Author: This guest post was written by James, who enjoys blogging about modern technology, such as utilizing iPhone apps to boost SEO.Read our guidelines to be a Guest Author at TechGau.Org
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