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Low Cost Airlines that offer Mobile Phone Apps

We are currently in a technological age that is ruled by mobile technology. Smartphones have taken mobile computing a step ahead. You can now have the world right in your hands. Communicate with someone at the other end of the world, browse the web, check your emails, get the latest news updates, play games, watch movies, listen to songs; the list of what you can do with your mobile phone is now endless.

Another addition brought in mobile computing is that of installing apps on your smartphone. These apps are designed for a specific function like making a shopping list, calculating taxes or booking airline tickets. Making apps has become so popular that every company now wants to have their own so that their customers can directly access their services.There are even apps to help you find lost phones.

Mobile apps can easily be installed on smartphones and tablets. Most Android powered tablets can even use mobile broadband prepaid to access the internet as they have an external USB port. As for smart-phones they need a wireless internet connection.

There are many apps that book hotels for your vacation, travel plan organizers, currency conversions and time-zone conversions to ease your travels abroad. The most beneficial apps are those that are developed by low cost airlines to book their tickets on the latest deals. We all know that low-cost airlines operate on a no-frills regime. However, even they have realized the worth of reaching their customers through new channels like mobile phone apps.

Unfortunately, not all the low cost airlines around the world have their mobile phone apps or even mobile compatible websites. Still there are a number of good mobile applications that can be used for checking flight information, booking tickets or contacting customer services. These mobile apps are free to encourage customers to use them more often. Here are some of the most favorable low cost airline mobile phone apps that you must install if you are a frequent traveler.


This is an app released by a low cost European airline. It is quite popular because there are no other low cost European airlines offering any mobile phone apps currently. This app is available for Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads. It is a sufficient app that provides all the features that are available on their official website. The user interface is specially designed for use on a smartphone with a smaller screen. It is your typical airline booking application with all the features that you would need.

Use this app to book a flight, check flight schedules and statuses and get the latest deals as they come. It is simple enough to use and makes for a good user experience. It is a much better way to book flights for EasyJet, than visiting their website from your smartphone.

AirAsia Mobile

AirAsia is Asia’s biggest low-cost airline that has a route network of over 20 countries. It has won global awards as Asia’s and the world’s best low cost airline for the past many years. An airline that strives on providing the best and expanding along the way, AirAsia has made sure that it is available on your mobile. AirAsia Mobile is an app that is available for download on Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads, Blackberry and Symbian mobile phones. You can use a mobile broadband prepaid connection to connect your Android tablet to the internet, if it has an external USB port.

With AirAsia Mobile you get instant access to flight schedules, flight statuses, bookings and even check-in. It has an excellent user interface and a wonderful user experience that makes it one of the best low cost airline mobile apps out of the few that are available out there.


Skyscanner is a very popular smartphone app that you can easily find on Google Play or iTunes. This app is available for Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads. Simply download and install it on your smartphone or tablet to have access to real time flight information. This app works by detecting your current location and then gives you the flight information of the airport nearest to you. You can use it to check the latest deals that different airlines are offering and then book a flight from it as well. All you need is an internet connection to get you going.

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