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Long Tail Traffic = Higher Success

When it comes to website traffic, one must be extremely creative as well as specific. You want to not only capture the attention of your readers based on your writing abilities and smarts but also by being descriptive. With so many websites similar to yours currently on the web, you really need to do anything you can to stand out from the rest. But, how do you go about doing that successfully?

Help Them Find You
Let's say your website is about relationships. Off the top of one's head, you may think something like Okay. My keywords for this site are going to be: love, relationships, commitment and so forth. While those words definitely describe your website, being a bit more specific with them is what's going to distinguish you from the competition and help people who are searching for more specific terms find you.

Imagine yourself going to Google and typing in one of those keywords. Can you imagine just how many results are going to pop up? The competition is going to be huge. What you want to do is find long tail keywords (which are keywords that contain at least two words) that decrease the number of competitors you are fighting for traffic against.

The More Specific, The Better
When considering keywords to use, it's a good idea to consider what makes your website unique from other websites similar to your own. Let's go back to the relationship website example discussed earlier.
There is no way your site is just about relationships. Maybe your site includes helpful tips or tricks for married couples, singles, or a certain age group. See how quickly we have just decreased the amount of search results that would pop up on any given search engine?

You Can Test It Yourself
To show you what we mean by this, here is a great example: When we typed 'relationships' into the Google search engine, we got 629,000,000 results. When we used a long tail keyword instead ('lasting relationships'), there were only 6,430,000 results. The more specific your keywords, the greater your chances are of getting the traffic you desire.

Have you ever been searching for something online and clicked on result upon result without coming up with anything related to exactly what you were looking for? From there, you typically have to change up your search, making it more descriptive in order to find the information you were in search of.

Incorporate Keywords Into Your Content
Whenever you are creating keywords, it's important to think about not only your view but also the potential customers' views. If you were someone who needed the information on your site, what kinds of things would you probably type into a search engine to find it?

Incorporating keywords that you think people will use in order to find your website into your content is extremely beneficial to you. On top of that, you want to make sure you update your content often. The more posts you have about your topic available on the web, the greater the chances are of someone running across your site. This doesn't mean you should throw together a bunch of meaningless content(Read How To Create Effective Blog Posts); but you should definitely always be working on the next new addition to your site so you can stay on top of your SEO game. This is why so many people try to do at least a post a week or one a day.

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