Monday, 14 May 2012

Instagram Camera: Designer sees Socialmatic Possibilities

Instagram has been one of the most popular applications for Android and Apple devices in the last few weeks, it has reached a grand total of 50 Million users with the number increasing by 5 Million users each week.But Antonio De Rosa, a designer sees a possibility of making a real life Socialmatic Instagram Camera that can also be used to share photos with the 6.95 Billion people who are not on Instagram.

Earlier this week,  Antonio De Rosa  launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for a real-life Instagram camera, which he calls Socialmatic.The reason behind calling it Socialmatic is that he believes there can be a huge social impact if a device is built from the prototypes.

Antonio De Rosa had this to say to Mashable -
I believe people will buy this because there is no camera on the market right now that allows us to bring social network power into real life, Your phone can’t print the photo,Your phone does not have a double lens system. Your phone is not a ‘social camera.
Socialmatic is as of now just a set of Ideas and hopes.The camera would allow users to take a photo, add the filters and edits that Instagram offers and instantly print it.Each and every photo printed with the camera would have the Instagram Username and QR Code printed on it.This QR code can be scanned and hence provides a platform for other Instagram users to comment and share the picture with their friends and family.

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