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How To Make Google Penguin Friendly Sites?

How To Make Google Penguin Friendly Sites

We saw last month that thousands of publishers suffered due to the Google Search Algorithm update called Google Penguin.Many people reported that their traffic stats were cut by half following the Google Penguin Update.Now webmasters and professional bloggers are trying to make sure that this kind of an update will not cut their traffic again.

Sure, the Google Penguin Update battled and removed so much spam from the search engine, but along with that it also took away some good websites.To protect yourself and your website from this kind of a situation, I would advice you to consider doing some things that would make Google Penguin Algorithm Love your sites.

It is not at all difficult to build websites that are Google Penguin Friendly, it is actually a very simple process.Below are some of the best ways to make sure that your website is Google Penguin Algorithm friendly.

Unique Content
I cannot overstate this, Unique Content is the first and foremost thing that any Google update looks at, be it the Panda or the Penguin update.Unique content or the lack of it is why most blogs and websites that suffered during the Google Penguin update are not able to recover.They just have too much copied content.It hardly takes you 15 or 20 minutes to write a good article, why should you rush this by just copying someone else's hard work?

It is better to write One Quality Unique article than copying a thousand articles from other blogs and websites.Each article you copy from another blog or website is like a nail being added to your website's coffin.

No Text Link Advertisements
A lot of people who used Text Link Ads suffered during the Google Penguin Update, that is why TLA is going out of business.Text Links are often abused and have become a source of false recommendations, that is the Page Rank Increase of a website.There were many spammy website with Google Page Ranks upto 5 or 6 that had absolutely no unique content.These websites were then used as Link Farms.

After the Google Penguin Update, these kind of websites have become scarce and those that survived will soon be weeded out.

So make sure that you are not selling Page Rank links and not serving Text Ads.

No Hidden Links
What you see is What you get.This should be the motto you should use when you design a website.You should never include hidden links, Google does not like these kind of links as it relates these to some kind of scam.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing
Make sure that when you write an Article, you do not stuff keywords in hopes of getting the top rank in Google Search.Actually the contrary happens if you stuff keywords into a page, you may get indexed, but in a few days when the Penguin Algorithm catches up to your site, the site will get pushed back to the end of search results along with the other garbage.

A great article will by itself get noticed and bumped up to the top of Google Search, Google Penguin is an expert at that, you do not need to worry about stuffing keywords to make this happen.

Be Careful about Guest Posts
Whenever people guest post here at TechGau.Org, I always check their signature website for any spam or keyword stuffing etc.If I find any of these, I immediately refuse them even if their article was really good.This is because, by linking out to these kind of sites, I would be putting my website in harms way.

So make sure you have done research about a website before you link out to them.

Update Frequently
All the Google Algorithms look for frequently updating blogs and websites.Google absolutely loves fresh content, it has grown addicted to it.So make sure you fuel this addiction of Google with really good unique and frequently updated content.

Try to write at-least one quality article each and every day.

So these were some of the things I followed, even before the Google Penguin Update.I am proud to say that this blog saw an increase of Traffic by 200% after the Penguin Update, so Google seems to trust this site.

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