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How To Increase Alexa Rank of Blog or Website? is a subsidiary of that is known for its toolbar and site audit website. It is a ranking system based on the level of traffic a website receives from people with the Alexa toolbar installed, thus the traffic from people who do not have the Alexa Toolbar installed does not count, this has been considered as one of the drawbacks of the Alexa Ranking System.Once you have installed the alexa toolbar, it collects data on browsing behavior which is transmitted to the Alexa website where it is stored and analyzed and is the basis for the company's webtraffic reporting and Ranking.If u have better alexa rankings of your website your existence is stronger in the Blogosphere.A higher Alexa Rank also means that you can attract advertisers.

Increase Alexa Rank

The only thing that the bloggers desire is a Reputed Alexa Traffic Rank and Google Page Rank, this should not be the case, we will deal with that issue later.Many of the new bloggers still don’t know how to improve their ranks even after knowing the importance of Alexa Ranking.

Tips for improving your Alexa Ranking-

  • First you need to download Alexa Toolbar. Once installed, the toolbar collects data on browsing which is transmitted to the website where it is stored and analyzed which becomes the basis for the company’s web traffic reporting.Therefore,the web pages viewed are only rankedamong-stusers who have these sidebars installed.This means that the Alexa toolbar is the best way for them to monitor the stats of a site and when a visitor visits your site from a browser with Alexa toolbar, that certainly turns into a productive measure for your blog. Alexa rank is directly related to traffic coming to your site, so more traffic you are getting, you have more chances of getting higher rank in Alexa Website rank. 
  • Secondly, you need to concentrate on the content of your blog. It should be effective and attractive enough to hold good traffic because all you need is a good and strong readership for your blogs. The better you write for your blog, the more traffic would come to you and the better the Alexa ratings would be. 
  • The next thing is to concentrate on Google. You should work on gaining Google’s attention to your website, which is only possible to understand the strategy of choosing the topics of contents that are loved by Google.  
  • Write regularly for your blog and that will definitely help you to increase your Alexa rank. You must write 1-2 post daily if you are a beginner in blogging career to keep your blog alive. The number of blog posts you write is directly proportional to the amount of traffic you get.The consistency in your posts will definitely effect your Alexa Rankings as well as it will increase the chances of making your website search engine friendly.Learn more about SEO
  • Another great way to increase Alexa rank is to write guest posts. Guest post will help you to build Link Baits, the more the back links, the better will be the Alexa rank and sites linking in number will go high. 
  • Alexa also considers the number of backlinks to a website as an important factor to decide the Alexa Rank.Promote your website as much as you can to make it popular among the people. 
  • Another great way to increase your website's Alexa Rank is to write about Alexa Rank and SEO topics as webmasters who look for these kind of topics usually have the Alexa tool bar installed.So this will help you increase you traffic rank. Visit your own site around 5 or 10 times a day while you have the Alexa Tool Bar, this should help a little in increasing your Alexa Rank. 
  • Utilize the Alexa Site Widgets like we have.Some webmasters believe that this will count all the visits and hence increase the Alexa Rank of your site.This is an unproven hypothesis, but still worth the try.

So what are the uses of having a good Alexa Rank?

Many webmasters believe that Alexa Rank is useless, but I beg to differ, the popularity of Alexa Rank itself makes a good case for me.There are several advantages to having a good Alexa Rank, here I have listed some of them -
  • A low Alexa Rank welcomes Advertisers.many advertisers look for Alexa Rank as a symbol of the traffic that a website gets, if a website has a very high Alexa Rank in terms of millions then you can assume that it hardly gets any traffic, but if the Alexa Rank of a website is below 100K, then you can assume that it gets a good amount of sustained traffic.
  • A good Alexa Rank allows entry into many ad networks.Many advertising networks look at Alexa Rank symbols to decide whether or not a blog or a website is to be accepted into the network.Some good examples of this is BuySellAds, BlogAds and Aperium Ads.Adperium only accepts sites that have an Alexa Rank of 500 or less.
  • Alexa Rank gives a bragging right for bloggers.Bloggers love to brag about their Alexa Rank, especially to other Bloggers whose Alexa rank is lesser than theirs.
Don’t forget that you need to generate a good amount of traffic to increase your Alexa rankings.Recommended Read - One Month Alexa Ranking.
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