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Getting People Involved With Your Website or Blog

Mussolini was a master of psychological warfare and strategy and he knew precisely what he needed to do in order to elicit the response he wanted from his public and/or from his followers. It was he for instance who invented the term 'transformismo' which is a powerful technique that a lot of business experts now recommend.

Basically transformismo meant taking people who might have been political opponents or neigh-sayers and then putting them in high up positions within his organization. Not only did this enable him to keep an eye on them, but it also helped to quell their upstarting - by getting them to direct their energies toward helping the organization rather than hindering and by generally keeping them too busy. At the same time this would demonstrate to them the difficulties of doing what he was doing and thus prevent further criticisms.

Now hopefully as a humble blogger/webmaster you don't have too many people that you would class as 'opponents'. However that said it's still a great idea to 'involve' people in your organization if you want to get more out of your site and there are many ways you can do this. Here we will look at how and why to go about this.

Forums and Communities
First of all getting people involved in your site is a great way to make your forum or other online community to flourish. Getting people to post on your forum at first is very difficult and particularly because most forums start out empty. Offering people rewards for posting or begging them to just makes it into a 'job' and means they immediately don't want to.

Alternatively though, by making someone a moderator on your website you can make them feel involved and important and that's a great way to keep them coming back. If you're worried about someone on the forum damaging your reputation then perhaps this is a time you can use a more exact version of transformismo?

Articles and Content
Meanwhile if you can find someone excited about your site then you may even be able to get them to write free content for you - and people still love being published and being able to show their friends and family that their article is online. This then means that not only have you gotten free content to help get your site indexed by Google, but you also then have someone who is promoting your site for free because they want people to see their article - and both of these things are invaluable and highly beneficial to your website.

You may struggle to find people who are willing to write articles for free online by advertising, but there are other ways - for instance consider asking someone who has e-mailed you with a question or who has commented on one of your articles. Likewise asking people in 'the real world' is also a great way to be able to convince people that it's exciting.

Similarly you should also consider involving your competition with your website. This can mean just swapping links, or it can mean exchanging articles, but by creating a situation where you are 'in it together' or 'partners' you can turn a potential danger to your website into very much an asset.

Author: This guest post was written by Lydia Wysocki; she is a webmaster and entrepreneur and writers about making money and business opportunities like Kumon Franchise opportunities.Read our guidelines to be a Guest Author at TechGau.Org
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