Wednesday, 2 May 2012

G-Mail Gets Automatic Language Translation

G-Mail from Google, received a new feature, automatic language translation.This new G-Mail Language translation feature has been introduced with the aim of making communication between different language speaking people easier on the web.

With G-Mail Language translation feature, you can translate the messages into your native language or any-other language.You can even reply in the native language of the sender, so that it is easier for them to understand.

All you have to is press the "Translate" button to see the accurate translation of the message in your desired language.This feature had been available in Google Labs since 2009, we are not sure why Google had not implemented this in G-Mail before now, given that the Technology was available a few years ago.

G-Mail Gets Automatic Language Translation
Image Thanks to Digit.

If you are not a big fan of Language translation, you can always turn off the Translate option, there is also an option to enable Translate permanently.

Overall we feel that this is a very important feature that G-Mail was missing, now Google has filled that void.I feel other mail services will soon follow suit.

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