Wednesday, 2 May 2012

BSNL Noisy Line - Internet Disconnection Fix

BSNL is infamous for its various problems with land-lines and broadband connection as well its poor customer support.If you end up with a problem such as Noisy Line of the telephone or a Dead land-line, you can expect to wait for up-to a week before anyone shows up to help from BSNL.Here we have listed a number of "repairs" or "fixes" for the BSNL Noisy Line problem which leads to frequent Internet disconnection.

BSNL Noisy Line problem occurs when it rains and your telephone wires are old and get affected by the rain and collect rust and other impurities, this creates a noise or hissing and cracking sound in the telephone connection.This can be fixed by the following methods -

  • Check the ADSL splitter between the modem and land-line.Buy a new one if you feel it is faulty.90% of all BSNL Noisy Line problems are caused by the faulty ADSL Splitter.
  • When using the ADSL Splitter, remember that the splitter should come first and then the modem and the phone should be present.
  • Remove any stray wires from the Modem and the ADSL splitter as they cause a "Loading Effect" and amplify the noise.
  • Try connecting the Modem alone and remove the connections of the telephones, until an engineer comes to solve the problem, which can take a while.
  • Check the Ethernet Cable, as a faulty cable can also lead to noisy line problems.
These are the various ways by which you can solve the BSNL Noisy Line problem which leads to frequent nternet Disconnection. 

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