Friday, 18 May 2012

The Best Android WiFi Apps

Technology is a wonderful thing, but it can be addictive. Once you learn your way around wireless networks, you may find yourself searching for them everywhere you go. Whether you work on the Internet or just love being able to access it for fun, there are certain Android apps that will make finding a wireless connection fast and easy.

Locate WiFi

Sometimes you want to know if WiFi is available at a café or park before you sit down and get comfortable. Choose your spot based on signal strength by using the WiFi Monitor app. It will tell you how far you are from a hotspot, and it even notifies you with vibration alert when you return to an effective Wi-Fi spot at a later time. Another great app for this is the WiFi Analyzer. The handy gauge makes it easy to determine where the strongest signal is. Once you know who offers the best signal, you can decide where you will stop for lunch or a cup of coffee.

Portable Wi-Fi

You won’t have to rely on restaurants for Wi-Fi when you have WeFi Pro. It provides you with a free automatic Wi-Fi connection wherever you go. Easy to use, it seamlessly connects to the Internet through your phone. Log on at the park, the local pool, or even from a parking lot while you’re waiting for the kids to finish their activities.

Controlling the Connections

If you are constantly on the move and need WiFi in several different places, then the WiFi Manager is the right choice for you. It makes it easy to find, connect, and manage the different WiFi networks in your area. It even comes with a cool WiFi radar that makes it easy to see the channel you’re using and the status of other nearby networks.

Instant Connections

Take advantage of the Internet connection on your phone to create amazing portability. Using your own Internet connection on the phone, you can create a WiFi hotspot for your other devices. Hook up the tablet, turn on the laptop and prepare to enjoy the full experience of surfing, even if you aren’t near a public hotspot.

Spare the Battery

The downside of letting your phone search for hotspots is that it can drain the battery. Once you have established your favorite locations, then you can use the Y5-Battery Saver to save your phone’s charge. It will stop the phone from searching for networks, allowing you to use that battery power for something more entertaining. You don’t have to worry about remembering the turn the app back on, either. It will automatically start when you return to known locations where you like to use the Internet.
Android has an incredible range of amazing apps, including several that make it easy to find and manage WiFi locations. Find hotspots, determine signal strengths, or use your phone as a tether for the Internet. You will enjoy less time searching for a connection and more time surfing the Internet.

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