Friday, 4 May 2012

Apple iPad drag-to-edit keyboard prototype

If you own an Apple iPad, you will know the pain of text editing in it, it takes a lot of time and its not that easy to type and correct as quick as you do on your keyboard.Daniel Hooper, has come up with a clever idea to fix this problem.His solution is to use the keyboard as a pseudo-trackpad.Seems brilliant does it not? Here is the video which illustrates this -

As he shows in the prototype video above (which Apple is having a close eye on), his idea has touchscreen typists just drag one or two fingers along the keyboard to whip through text. Need to select something while typing or editing? Hold the Shift key while you swipe and you are done.This feature is something you would think would be available only in the Jailbreak mode, but Daniel Hooper thinks that this is something that Apple needs to implement at the earliest as it is a very good and useful update, especially for those who type a lot in the Apple iPad.

I am pretty sure Apple will buy the rights to this "Idea" from Daniel Hooper or they will hire him, the second seeming more likely.iPad users can expect to see this new update soon, if the deal goes through.
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