Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Add a Google Sitemap To Your Blogger Blog

Before begining this tutorial on How-to Add a Google Sitemap To Your Blogger Blog, I would like to confirm that this method works for both Blogger blogs such as as well as self hosted custom domain blogger blogs such as

Google Sitemap tells the Google search engine about all your content pages as well as other pages, this is obviously helpful as it would make it easier for Google to index all your pages.The more pages you have in the Google Search Engine, the more the traffic you will get, so adding a Google Sitemap To Your Blogger Blog is a really good idea in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

First visit this Google Sitemap Generator for Blogger.Enter you domain name and hit enter.Soon you will see an automatically generated robot.txt document which contains your Google Sitemap of your Blogger blog.

Visit your Blogger Settings page and go to "Search Preferences", here tick the option which says "Custom Robot.txt" and enter the text document you earlier got from the Google Sitemap Generator for Blogger Blogs.

You are done, now you do not need to Ping every-time you update your blog, the sitemap will automatically take care of notifying search engines about all your pages.

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