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Add Google Plus Badge To Your Blogger Blog - Circles

Adding a Google Plus badge to your blog or website can increase brand recognition as well as increase your social network.Visitors to a blog often like to relate a blog to a person or a brand, they don't want to see just the text, they want to get to know the person behind the text.So for these reasons, adding a Google+ Badge to your site is vital.

Google+ Badges can be really useful on Blogger Blogs as they create a sense of interaction with your blog readers.Your readers will also be able to Plus One you and also be able to Circle you using this widget.

Adding a Google Plus Badge to your site is very easy -

1)Copy this code onto your clipboard or notepad :
<g:plus href="" size="badge"></g:plus>

2)Go To your Google Plus Brand Page and get the page Id, the page Id is the numbers you see in the web address of your page.As you can see, I have highlighted this part in the code above.Replace the digits in the code above with your Google+ Page Id.

3)You can change "Badge" To "Smallbadge" if you like to have a smaller version of the Google+ Badge.

4)Add the edited code from the above steps into a new gadget in your "Layout".You can place the gadget wherever you want in the blog.

5)Copy the following code and add it in the <head> section of your blog, before </head>.For this you need to open the "Edit HTML" option from your blogger dashboard.
<script type="text/javascript" src=""/>
The above code is a Javascript  and it will help execute the Badge when your page loads ( to put in simple words).

6)Save your template.

You should now be able to see your Google+ Badge on your Blogger Blog.Make sure you share this post on Social Networks!

You should now be able to your Google+ Brand Page Badge on your Blog.You can alter the location of the badge by placing the code in Step 1 in the place you want.

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