Saturday, 12 May 2012

7 Inch iPad To Be Released in October 2012, Price Details

7 Inch iPad To Be Released in October 2012, Price DetailsReports from and iMore are pointing towards a new Apple iPad, a 7 Inch Mini iPad to be precise.These reports are said to be from reliable sources working inside the Gadget giant Apple.7 Inch iPad To Be Released in October 2012.

The price of the new Mini 7-Inch iPad would be around 200-250$, this is very surprising as the iPad Mini is said to have all the same features as the iPad but only with lesser internal storage, that is of 8GB.It is even expected to sport a 2048-by-1536 resolution display, just like the new iPad.At this rate, the Mini iPad will sell a lot more than the normal iPad, so Apple needs to be careful with what they are playing with.

This seems to be an effort by Apple to directly take the Samsung Galaxy Tablet out of the game, among other smaller sized tablets.A 200$ Apple iPad would sell well and hence put the market share of the other Tablets to all time lows, but as is this field, each and every new company will come up with something new to challenge the rest of the companies.This was the case with the Samsung 10.1 Inch Galaxy Tab.

Similar reports from Japan state that the new Mini iPad will have a screen of 7.85 Inches.Both these reports have not been confirmed but we can be sire that if the Apple iPad Mini is released, it will have a screen of around 7-8 Inches to compete in the smaller tablet market.

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