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7 Desktop Gadgets that Windows 7 Users Should Know about

Desktop gadget is the first thing you see on your desktop: it has a lot of important and specific functions and at the same time it is compact and space-saving. In this article we would like to talk about Top 7 gadgets for Windows 7 which you desire to be on your desktop.

1. Mini TV

One way or another everyone needs to take some rest. So why not to do it right on your desktop with Mini TV gadget? There are numerous TV stations at your service so you are going to have a lot of options. You can watch your favorite programs both in full screen mode and in a compact gadget window.

2. Facebook Explorer

Facebook Explorer gadget will be a good helper for everyone who is registered in the Facebook social network. In a small window you will observe all the things that happen to you friends and to your own profile. Also you will be able to specify the updating settings and to change your status right on your desktop.

3. Traffic by Bing Maps

Very useful gadget for everyone who lives in the major metro area and who day by day suffers from the heavy traffic. With this small window on your desktop you will be aware of all the problems appeared along your route and have enough time to choose another road if necessary.

4. All CPU Meter

This gadget is the most appropriate one for Windows 7. With All CPU Meter it would be really easy to monitor the memory usage from your desktop. The outstanding advantages of this gadget are supporting up to eight cores and space saving function.

5. Windows Orb Clock

There is nothing about functionality. Only decent and good look. But be sure once installed Windows Orb Clock into your desktop you will never go back to your standard analog clock! Except for the desktop gadget you will also get a nice orb on your start menu.

6. Open/Close DVD

This gadget is urgent for you if your processor is situated in the hard-to-reach place and it might be a problem for you to press the button which opens a DVD drive door. After installing the Open/Close DVD gadget the only thing you should do is to click the button on your desktop! And there is only one problem you might face if you have two or more drives – the button will extend to all of them at the same time.

7. App Launcher

This gadget is a worthy alternative for lovely Quick Launch, which wasn't integrated into Windows 7. With its help you will gather all your favorite programs in one place, and this place will be your desktop! You will be able to place your App Launcher anywhere you want on your desktop, to change the background colors and to try different styles in the icons arrangement.

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